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Feb. 5th, 2012

Mississippi Personhood Amendment

Originally posted by gabrielleabelle at Mississippi Personhood Amendment
Follow up post to address common questions/concerns is here.

Okay, so I don't usually do this, but this is an issue near and dear to me and this is getting very little no attention in the mainstream media.

Mississippi is voting on November 8th on whether to pass Amendment 26, the "Personhood Amendment". This amendment would grant fertilized eggs and fetuses personhood status.

Putting aside the contentious issue of abortion, this would effectively outlaw birth control and criminalize women who have miscarriages. This is not a good thing.

Jackson Women's Health Organization is the only place women can get abortions in the entire state, and they are trying to launch a grassroots movement against this amendment. This doesn't just apply to Mississippi, though, as Personhood USA, the group that introduced this amendment, is trying to introduce identical amendments in all 50 states.

What's more, in Mississippi, this amendment is expected to pass. It even has Mississippi Democrats, including the Attorney General, Jim Hood, backing it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I made a meager donation to the Jackson Women's Health Organization this morning, and I received a personal email back hours later - on a Sunday - thanking me and noting that I'm one of the first "outside" people to contribute.

So if you sometimes pass on political action because you figure that enough other people will do something to make a difference, make an exception on this one. My RSS reader is near silent on this amendment. I only found out about it through a feminist blog. The mainstream media is not reporting on it.

If there is ever a time to donate or send a letter in protest, this would be it.

What to do?

- Read up on it. Wake Up, Mississippi is the home of the grassroots effort to fight this amendment. Daily Kos also has a thorough story on it.

- If you can afford it, you can donate at the site's link.

- You can contact the Democratic National Committee to see why more of our representatives aren't speaking out against this.

- Like this Facebook page to help spread awareness.

Follow up post to address common questions/concerns is here.

Feb. 3rd, 2012

quinn/rachel, faberry

Something Queer This Way Comes 1/?

Disclaimer: I don't own them, therefore I do not profit from them. etc, etc. The title was inspired by the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury; however, my story was not inspired by the actual novel.

Spoilers: Basically anything is up for grabs, either present and beyond. I haven't decided on whether or not I'm going to address the ridiculousness of Finn's proposal (and Rachel's maddening yes).

Copyright/Archiving: Only with permission of the author (that would be me).

Main author's note: Any sentences in italics are the inner thoughts of the characters, but not to be confused with the individual words in italics meant for inflection.

Additional author's notes: For those who are so graciously following my other Faberry story Black Holes and Revelations, I promise to get cracking on an update. You are all so wonderfully awesome - I completely owe you. Also, my crack-filled other Faberry fic Psychically Speaking (sampled in chapter 14 of BH&R) will be debuting soon (I hope).
This story is inspired by a bizarre Faberry-centric dream I had a few nights ago and I thought I'd play around with it for a while. Please let me know if you think I should continue it.

Something Queer This Way Comes chapter 1

The day began as any other. What a terrible beginning, but there is really no other way to begin this tale. When things defy reality and words do not come easily, it is better to start from truth. Or at least, from what truth can be found....

That Monday forenoon, students filed into McKinley High without any notion that anything peculiar, odd, or queer (and dare it be uttered, wicked) was circulating in the atmosphere. Yet there it was, an unseen electricity of sorts crackling through the hallways of Lima’s only high school as the unknowing teenagers went about their morning rituals as they prepared for another ‘usual’ day. Had anyone looked to the still twilight northern sky, they would have seen something moving in swiftly. A dark cloud carrying with it things one had never thought probable, at least not in a town of this size. By the time classes were ending and various extra-curricular activities were taking place, nothing still appeared unusual as the hallways gained in idle chatter as students rushed for buses, locker rooms, and in the case of a very unsuspecting glee club, the auditorium.

“Please, everyone - can you please take a seat!” William Schuester. Spanish teacher and the head of McKinley’s glee club, New Directions. Talented to many, handsome to others, Will appeared unassuming to most. A once promising talent, possibly destined for the stages of Broadway - an ill-conceived marriage to his high school sweetheart and an obligation to provide for a family not quite realized, Will (or Mr. Schue as he was affectionately referred to by his students) found himself back in his high school guiding a group of teenagers to the greatness he once knew. “Thank you. We can now begin.”

“Mr. Schue, if I may.” Rachel Barbra Berry. McKinley High senior, co-captain of New Directions, and self-proclaimed future Broadway star and EGOT winner. At once she was a moony-eyed young girl content to follow after the popular quarterback Finn Hudson, but now with NYADA in her sight, her once passionate (so she thought) romance was now but a memory she will draw upon for future roles as America’s future sweetheart of stage and screen. “I have the perfect idea for Nationals!” Several pairs of eyes rolled in near synchronicity, while others tilted their heads back and huffed in mild annoyance. “No really, I think you will all like this idea.”

“The only way we’re going to actually like this idea is if it doesn’t mean you front and center for every single number.” Mercedes Jones. Fellow senior and original member of New Directions. Undecided in what her future will hold, but journalism was looking promising. A fierce diva who, though now dedicated to New Directions, her ‘treasonous’ act of leaving the club to start another (with Rachel’s estranged biological mother no less) caused New Directions to scramble in order to find new members as her departure lead to two others also leaving. Though fences had been mended, an underlying bitterness still lingered just below the surface in everyone’s minds. “You’ve already got NYADA in the bag, is it really necessary for you to steal away our last performances?”

Though no one told Mercedes to back off, no one was coming to Rachel’s defense either. It was true that Rachel had a tendency (well, perhaps more than just a tendency) to grandstand and take every opportunity to demonstrate her seemingly infinite talent. Just the same, she also had one of the biggest hearts any of them had come across and anyone who knew her also knew she was fiercely loyal to those she cared about and that included every single person currently sitting in the auditorium.

“I didn’t say I was going to sing everything” she muttered under her breath while steeling her features in order to continue on with her idea. “Please hear me out before you shut me down. My idea would feature everyone, including providing an excellent opportunity for Mike and Brittany to show off their tremendous dancing abilities.” She looked around at the somewhat bored looking faces, waiting for any of them to interrupt her again. “I propose that we do a selection, possibly a mash-up of a couple songs, from the iconic 80's film Footloose.” Rachel clapped her hands together in her excitement, thinking they couldn’t possibly turn down such an inspired choice. Like a tidal wave, a barrage of voices hit her all at once.


“You’re joking, right? Tell me you’re joking.”

“That’s idiotic.”

“It’s so old.”

“It’s so cheesy.”

“It’s so ‘white’.”

“She is joking, right?”

“Didn’t the remake bomb?”

“I like to dance.”

“I think it’s a good idea.”

All heads, including a very surprised pair of dark brown eyes, settled on the blonde sitting next to Puck. “What? She’s right.” She looked at all of the stunned faces who sat in silence, not knowing how to respond to this surprise defense of what they thought was a ridiculous idea. Huffing out a disgusted sigh, the blonde continued. “It would showcase all of us, including what could be an awesome dance sequence, and if we use the styling of the music from the original movie it might appeal to judges who could very well be children of the 80's.” Rachel nodded furiously in agreement, completely blown away that nearly her entire argument was spilling from Quinn’s mouth. It was almost as if they had rehearsed it, they were so in-sync.

Quinn Fabray. Another fellow senior, ex-captain of the nationally ranked Cheerios, once the most popular (and one of the meanest) girl in school, teen mom who gave up her daughter to adoption (to Rachel’s biological mother no less), and once the greatest tormentor of the girl she was now fighting to defend. Certainly an enigma to all. Everyone thought they knew her, but just when they thought she’d zig right, she’d zag left at the last moment. As per her relationship with the brunette still standing in front of everyone with a now hopeful look on her glowing face - well, that was complicated. Though at one time Quinn never dreamed of being friends with Rachel, their bully/bullied-frenemy-sort of friends status was now known to those around them as a very caring and supportive (though at times awkward) friendship.

It was true that the last time Quinn defended her newest friend it was mainly to win the attention and good graces of the boy who had passed between them for nearly their entire high school careers. However, now it was a different story. She really did think it was a good idea, and she figured they were just being jerks because they thought Rachel was trying to boss them around. What they didn’t understand was that the brunette wanted to finish her senior year celebrating a win at Nationals as a united team which meant performing as one. “I think we should give her a chance to flesh out this idea.”

“Thank you, Quinn” Rachel nearly whispered, her voice so timid and shy that it hardly sounded like her.

“I agree with, Quinn - I think we should hear Rachel out.” Kurt Hummel. Another senior, original member of New Directions, also another NYADA bound future student, and best friend to Rachel. Out and proud, the once severely bullied stylish young gay man had become an inspiration to not only his friends, but his father as well as other students who admired how far he had come from the days of being tossed in garbage bins. Though Rachel was content with her decision of breaking up with Finn (we’ll get to him later), unlike his fellow Broadway obsessed cohort, Kurt was still madly in love (and rightfully so) with Blaine Anderson. Though the logistics hadn’t been sorted out just yet, he has chosen to follow the other two to New York, enrolling in NYU’s drama department. “After all, she may be overbearing and selfish at times...”

“Hey!” Rachel huffed.

Kurt placed his hand up to stop her from beginning what was sure to be a typical Rachel Berry rant. “I believe she has all of our best interests at heart. Also, she is still our captain...”

“Co-captain” Finn huffed.

“Therefore I believe we owe her a chance to make her point” he finally finished while looking around at everyone.

No one said anything, just looked around at the auditorium as though the answer would make itself known, and in a way it did. As though on some bizarre cue, the lights flickered and dimmed over those who were sitting in the plush velvet seats, while the lights in front of the stage (specifically where Rachel was still standing) remained steady. Several pairs of eyes looked up to the ceiling noting the change in lighting immediately.

Also looking up to the ceiling, the young teacher took it as a sign that the theater gods had spoken. “I guess that settles it. Rachel, what did you have in mind?” Will turned to the brunette with complete sincerity in his voice. Truth be told, he was one of those 80's kids who was actually jumping up and down (gotta cut loose) in his mind with the idea of paying homage to the film.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, Rachel explained how she envisioned their set list that would include a ballad duet (Almost Paradise), an impassioned choral mash-up of I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man) and Holding Out for a Hero, and a fun transition into the film’s song title with Let’s Hear it for the Boy. While she nominated herself to sing one half of the ballad duet, she suggested that the mash-up be divided into the two genders - boys taking I’m Free while the girls would sing Holding Out for a Hero. While everyone would join in with a joyous (and dance filled) version of Footloose, it would begin with the girls singing Let’s Hear it For the Boy while the boys left the stage only to reappear in the audience at the beginning of Footloose, dancing down the aisles and finally joining the girls on stage.

No one wanted to admit it (except for Kurt and Quinn who had been on board since the beginning), but they all thought Rachel’s vision sounded pretty awesome. Though Blaine, Sam, Puck, and even Rory had better voices, everyone assumed that Finn would be taking the other half of the ballad as he had for the past three years. Rachel looked expectantly around at all the faces of her glee-horts trying to gauge how they were feeling about her idea now. Kurt beamed along with Blaine (honestly Kurt was hoping to be included in Let’s Hear it for the Boy, but he wasn’t going to be picky), while Quinn gazed at her with a soft and encouraging smile. Sure they’d been much better friends as of late, but Rachel still couldn’t get used to the way the blonde had been looking at her lately.

A loud crash overhead startled everyone out of their musings. “What the fu...”

“Puck, language!” The brunette chastised as she clutched her chest, clearly just as shaken as everyone else.

“Sounds like the weather might be getting bad out there. I think we should finish this up and head out before it really gets nasty.” Everyone nodded towards Mr. Schue. They all wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

“I hate to say it, but I think short stack’s idea is good - good enough to win us Nationals. I’m in, especially if I get to see my Britts dancing it up on a Broadway stage again.” The tall blonde leaned over and kissed Santana on the cheek then turned back to look at Rachel and nodded in agreement. Everyone else quickly followed suit, agreeing to give her set list a chance.

“Ok, great! Now, let’s all get home safely and we’ll get to work tomorrow!” Sometimes Will was too enthusiastic for his own good. One day, one day it just might come back to haunt (or was it taunt?) him.

New Directions quickly broke up and headed to their respective lockers to grab their things and rush out into the fast approaching darkness. Thunder, or what they thought was thunder, crashed in the heavens sending shivers through the remaining students. Had anyone been looking closely enough, they would have seen that the dark cloud which had been blowing in from the north since that morning seemed to be settling over McKinley High while the remainder of the sky appeared to be unaffected. But they didn’t notice, all they would note is that it was amazing that they were able to get home before all hell broke loose, and thought - wasn’t it strange that the storm cleared up so fast?...

“Aren’t you coming?” Rachel looked up from her stack of sheet music to find hazel eyes watching intently.

“Uhm, yes, sure - yes. I uh, just needed to get these papers together.” The brunette felt a shudder go through her body leaving a tingling in her toes. The air suddenly felt electrified and she couldn’t explain it, but it was as though she was rooted to the spot she was standing in. Almost as though she shouldn’t move, but she didn’t know why.

Quinn turned her head slightly in an attempt to try and understand what was going on with the girl in front of her. She too felt the electricity in the auditorium, but unlike Rachel, she was compelled to move. Specifically, she felt overcome to move forward towards something. “Are you ok?” she whispered gently as her feet began to guide her nearer the stage where Rachel had been standing.

The brunette looked again to the blonde. “Yes. Yes - I, I think so...?” Quinn looked at her curiously as she stepped ever closer. “Do you feel....” she trailed off while Quinn leaned her head slightly forward trying to catch the quiet, almost fearful sounding voice. “Do you feel....something?” A perfectly sculpted eyebrow arched upwards to urge the other to explain.

Seeing that there wasn’t going to be anything further, she answered just as quietly. “I do feel, something, but I’m not sure what it is.” Rachel nodded as her eyes glazed over as she looked to the papers in her hands. Noting the confused look, Quinn attempted to ease the other girl’s clearly shaken pose. “Probably just the weather.” The brunette nodded again just barely enough to be registered, then looked to the ceiling as though she would be able to see the darkened sky above her. “We should get home. You know, before it gets worse. Outside.” This time no response came, so she moved forward until she was within reaching distance from the other girl. “Come on Rach” she whispered as her hand slowly moved forward and landed softly on Rachel’s wrist.

What was supposed to be a reassuring gesture meant to calm both of their increasing nerves turned out to create the spark that was sitting under the surface waiting to be lit. What felt like an electrical shock at the point of contact shot through the girls setting off a series of reactions throughout the auditorium. The once flickering lights overhead burst from their glass confines, shattering in a short blaze before encasing the girls in near darkness - the lights directly over them the only ones that remained on. Several cracks of what they assumed was thunder rolled above them.

Then, as though a metaphorical curtain was coming down over them, they heard all of the doors to the auditorium begin to creak then slam shut, trapping them inside. Terror and confusion blazed in their eyes as they looked to each other for answers, the electricity still charging through them. What they would’ve expected to be a painful electrocution felt instead like something much bigger then themselves was passing through their bodies and connecting them on a level neither understood. Not yet anyway. With one final boom overhead, the girls gazed into each other’s eyes as the lights above were finally taken in a crackle and a hiss, dropping them into complete black.

“Oh shit.”


Dec. 2nd, 2011


(no subject)

A/N: Hello everyone - long time no see, I know. I beg your forgiveness! I have this story completely planned out, but a statistics/probability class came between me and my 'Revelations'.

I had a poll that lasted briefly asking for people to choose which of two Faberry fics would catch their eyes if they stumbled upon them. The choices were:

1) Rachel receives a message from a psychic that if she is to be truly successful in her future career she must find her true love first. Thinking that its Finn, she tries to explain to the psychic that she's already with her true love to which the psychic tells her that the one she is currently with is not the one she is destined to be with. Eventually she figures out that it's Quinn and then has to convince Quinn that they are soul mates.

2) Rachel begins having a series of erotic dreams about Quinn that make her more than a little curious. Trusting in Kurt to give her advice, she tells him about her dreams and he tells her that she may have a shot with the blonde. Convinced that she could probably woo Quinn into at least experimenting (because as a future actress, Rachel really should prepare herself for a whole host of different possible roles) she finds that she is developing real feelings for Quinn and vice versa.

Neither one of them will be (too) heavy or angsty and more just fun, fluffy, and cracky. I plan to keep the characters relatively close to who they are, but with some liberties for my fic purposes to push the story along. I will continue 'Black Holes' at the same time, I just needed something fun to play with.
The results of the poll (I didn't realize people could vote for both) had a slight edge to the first choice so that is what I'm starting with. At the end of this chapter I have a sampling of a scene of it for anyone who may be interested.

As always, THANK YOU so very much for your comments - you melt my heart!

Chapter 14

For nearly an hour Kurt and Quinn worked out the details for her next plan of action. They finally decided that because Finn would no doubt use all of the information that he was (perhaps) unwisely given to him, it would be better to do something completely different in order to set herself apart from him in the eyes of Rachel. Knowing full well that Finn would sing a song by The Killers during glee practice, more than likely the very next day, Kurt convinced the blonde that waiting until after the boy played his next move would be a much better use of her time. That way not only could she adjust her plan (if need be), but also it then wouldn't turn into a mess revolving all around Finn and Quinn and less about who it was supposed to be about - Rachel.

The two realized that Finn would no doubt turn this into a competition, and though to some extent it was, if the focus became more about their petty bickering and less about the diva herself it would stand to reason that Rachel wouldn't want to have anything to do with either of them as a result. The goal, after all, was to win the heart of Rachel not to drive her away with childish behavior. Kurt had also brought up a good point that if Quinn were to take the high road it would be much more appealing in the eyes of the brunette as they both knew that she found maturity to be a valuable trait in people, especially one she would consider dating.

Though her next moves would certainly include the mash-up Kurt had carefully put together, he had proposed a much scarier project: Have an actual conversation with Rachel Berry. The idea both excited and terrified Quinn. She knew that to have a relationship with Rachel also included having to talk to her, but the thought made her feel like a 13 year old boy who was talking to the girl he liked since kindergarten. Quinn kept repeating the tips Kurt had told her she needed to keep in mind while talking to the other girl: Be charming, show interest, complement her, and above all - be genuine.

Though there were certainly things Quinn wanted to talk to the brunette about, topics of actual conversation were escaping her as her nerves were starting to get the better of her the more she thought about it. Should she apologize for her horrible behavior towards Rachel in the past? Should she let that go for the time being and act as though they've been friends forever? Should she shower the other girl with compliments? It would be inline with being genuine because she really would mean every word she said. As if reading her thoughts, her phone buzzed indicating she had received a new text.

Kurt: Stop stressing - let her set the pace of the conversation. We both know Rachel won't have a problem talking, so let her take the reins.

She smiled at the small screen.

Quinn: Yes master.

It only took a few seconds for a reply.

Kurt: I like the sound of that. You may call me that from now on.

Quinn giggled to herself and tossed her phone on the bed then turned back to her makeshift desk. Though she wanted to do nothing more than to continue to pace back and forth thinking more about her impending conversation with Rachel, she really did need to get some homework done. As she opened her chemistry book and turned on her laptop she heard what sounded like stomping coming down the hall towards her room. Without warning the door burst open with an irritated Latina on the other side. Coming up quickly behind her was Brittany with a flustered Puck who was mumbling something about not disturbing the pregnant beast without offerings of food.

"Shut it, Puckerman. You and I both know you want answers as much as I do so just sit down and keep quiet" Santana hissed.

The mohawked boy quickly took a seat as ordered, not wanting to tick off Santana any more than she already appeared to be. After all, he did want to know what was going on between his baby mamma and his fellow Jew. There had been more sparks crackling between them in just a short amount of time in that choir room than there ever had been between Rachel and Finn. Inquiring minds had been more than peaked as a result because there were so many questions swirling around in everyone's minds.

"Santana and Brittany, to what do I owe this most pleasant surprise?" Quinn said in a faux chipper voice knowing full well what brought them by.

The brunette scoffed. "Save it tubbers, you know very well why I'm here so start talking" she stated while sitting down on the blonde's bed and crossing her arms as she did so. Brittany smiled genuinely and started playing with things on her desk.

Quinn took a deep breath in, sat further back in her seat, crossed her arms, and smiled sweetly. "What do you want to know?"

Rolling her eyes, Santana sat forward on the bed and squinted at Quinn. "Ever-y-thing."

"Such as?" the blonde asked sweetly. "And please roll your eyes back in your head."

Santana furthered her narrow gaze. "Okaaaaaay. Such as when did you start liking Berry let alone start lusting over her? Since when has she liked you back let alone start staring at you like she's imagining you two running through a field hand in hand while singing some sappy overused love song? And most importantly, why the hell does twinkle toes know about this new development and not me?"

"Awe, San - you're jealous" Quinn cooed in pleasure. "That's so sweet." From her spot next the blonde, Brittany agreed with both statements. "You're so cute." With this statement Brittany nodded even more enthusiastically while looking adoringly at the brunette.

Santana grunted while sitting back on the bed. "In your lezzy wet dreams, preggers, now just answer the questions."

Smirking Quinn quietly replied, "Whatever you say." Santana huffed. The blonde took in a deep breath. She knew there was no way to get out of this conversation, and though she would've preferred to have it later, she decided to just put it all on the table and be done with it. If Santana was going to blunt, so would she. Get it over with like ripping off a band-aid.

"In regards to your pointed questions, not that I expected any less coming from you, I think I've always liked Rachel, I just didn't want to admit it because I was so worried about being popular. As far as lusting after her, I don't consider it lusting but rather something much deeper, and I don't know when exactly it happened. I think I've felt this way since I met her." Brittany had a dreamy look on her face, Puck sat forward looking as though he was seconds away from asking her something perverted, and Santana looked like she was about to gag. Quinn noticed all of the different expressions and chose to ignore them all except Brittany who she smiled widely at.

"As far as Rachel is concerned, I can't answer for her but I can tell you I've been trying to take steps to make up for all the shit I've put her through all these years and show her that I'm worth taking a chance on." Brittany sighed happily while sitting down next to the brunette and linking their pinkies together. Puck nodded as he recognized the moony look in Quinn's eyes as the same that he looked at her which told him everything that he needed to know regarding his lingering feelings for his baby mamma. She didn't feel the same way about him and he was going to have to let her go.

Upon the presence of Brittany next to her, Santana melted a little taking the bite out of her bark. "And Hummel?"

Quinn smiled to herself thinking about her new found friendship in him. "The reason why Kurt knows about this is because he's been helping me sort out my feelings and figure out how to proceed with Rachel. And before you yell at me for not coming to you," Quinn began, seeing the look Santana was giving her indicating she was just moments away from scolding her for not confiding in her. "I was scared and confused," she paused raising her hand seeing that the brunette was going to retort. "just like you are with your feelings about Brittany." The Latina's mouth snapped shut. "I also know how you feel about Rachel and I really didn't want you to try and talk me out of trying to go for it with her."

"Hmph, I suppose you have a point there. That freak," Quinn winced at the word. "Sorry. Berry," the blonde smiled and nodded once. "does get on my nerves, but I guess if she makes you happy I suppose I can't really deny you that chance." Brittany happily sighed into the girl next to her while placing a kiss on her cheek making a smile instantly appear on Santana's face.

"So uhm, baby mamma?" Puck quietly asked from his corner in the room. Quinn looked over at him with a wistful look on her face, this conversation going so much better than she had expected. She nodded her response indicating he should continue. "Anything the Puckster can do to help? And I do mean, ANYTHING" he ended wiggling his eyebrow.

Quinn rolled her eyes, choosing to ignore his insinuation. "Actually, Puck, there is something you can do." She looked back over at the two girls on her bed. "Actually there is something all of you can do for me."

"Do tell" Santana replied trying to sound bored, but everyone could tell she was actually eager to be involved once again in her friend's life. Whether she would ever admit it or not, she was jealous that it was Kurt that Quinn had turned to. Though she understood why, she still wanted to be there for the friend she had known since elementary school.

"First and foremost I need you to be nice to Rachel." Brittany immediately nodded along with Puck, while Santana sighed in resignation. "No more insults," Quinn paused to pointedly look at the brunette who scoffed "and if you see a slushie coming her way I beg that you stop the attack before it happens."

"That all?" Santana grumbled.

"No, actually that's not all" Quinn smiled mischievously at the brunette, then kindly at Brittany and Puck. "Now that I've told you I hope you'll keep this between the four of us and Kurt." They all nodded their agreements. "And I might need to ask for a favor to distract Finn so I can have a decent conversation with Rachel at school." The other blonde quickly raised her hand. "Yes Brittany?"

"I know Santana won't have any problem with that part and I promise to make sure she's nice to your new girlfriend" the blonde bubbled with excitement while grabbing Santana's thigh which instantly defused any argument she wanted to make.

"She's not my girlfriend. Not yet anyway. That is if I can get her to see that I'm worth taking a risk on. And I can prove I'm a better choice than Finn" Quinn babbled on to no one in particular. Meanwhile three sets of eyes regarded her curiously as a smile crept onto her lips and a far away gaze came to her eyes. Finally snapping out of it, she coughed lightly in a vain attempt to distract from the fact that she had been caught daydreaming. "Anyway, yeah, I uhm might need all your help at some point."

Santana stared at her friend a bit dumbfounded as she had never seen her like this in all the years they had known each other. "Yeah, uh huh. So as much fun as it is to watch you fawn all over just the thought of that midget, Britts and I need to get going."

"We do?" she asked surprised. The brunette slowly turned to her 'friend' with a look that spoke of a secret language only they knew. Or at least they thought only they knew. "Oh right, we do!" she said enthusiastically as she looked over at Quinn. "And it has nothing to do with anything you want to do to Rachel" Brittany finished while Santana rubbed her temples. God how she loved this girl, but she needed to have another discussion with her about not giving away secrets by trying to cover them up with the secret itself.

Quinn smiled lovingly at her best friends as she hoped with everything in her that one day Rachel would look at her the same way Santana looked at Brittany when she thought no one was watching. She followed their movements as they started to head towards the door. "Hey ladies?" They both turned in unison. "Thanks for being cool, you know, about this. And me. With, you know, Rachel" she said suddenly shy.

Brittany smiled with utter kindness and understanding while Santana gave Quinn perhaps the most genuine smile she ever had. "No problem, Q. We got your back. Always." With that, they left pinkies once again linked.

Quinn smiled at their retreating forms, but that smile soon turned into a slight frown as she regarded Puck who was still seated in his spot in the corner, his grin looking a bit on the lecherous side. Finally he raised his hand.

Quinn sighed knowing what was to come. "Yes Puck?"

Sitting forward in his chair he grinned wider. "I still have some questions."

"No you don't, get out" she stated bluntly without missing a beat. Just as he was about to say something, she put up her hand to cut him off. "No. You. Don't. Get. Out."

Puck sat back in his chair chuckling lightly. "Now is that any way to talk to someone you just said you wanted a favor from?"

"Well if you can tell me with a completely straight, non-perverted smirk on your face that you aren't going to ask me for details regarding my feelings for Rachel, then sure - ask away." Quinn narrowed her eyes and stared deeply into his, just daring him to try it.

Realizing defeat, he threw his arms up in the air in surrender. "Fine, fine. You got me. I'll leave. This time."

"Thank you" she retorted breezily as she turned back to her laptop.

"So I'll let you know when supper's ready?"

"Yup. Thanks" she waved over her shoulder indicating she was done talking despite his obvious attempts at continuing the conversation.

"I'll just shut the door behind me."

"Thank you" came the reply as the sound of keys clicking began to fill the room.

"You know, just in case you want to look at certain websites again." He couldn't help himself, and this time he was ready for the shoe that came flying in his direction.
After an hour of pouring over her textbooks, an almost silent buzzing came from somewhere on her bed that was soon followed by a second. Then a third. By the time the fourth one came in, Quinn's curiosity was sufficiently peaked. Probably just Santana and Brittany texting her after their liaisons. She located her phone and clicked on the text messages.

Kurt: Quinn! Don't hate me! I gave Rachel your number and even though it was just a minute ago I'm guessing she's texting you as I write this. (sent at 5:05)

Quinn sighed. She didn't hate Kurt, but she was still nervous about having an actual conversation with Rachel. After reading his brief text, she opened the rest. All from Rachel.

Rachel: Hello Quinn? This is Rachel. Rachel Berry. Kurt gave me your number. (sent at 5:06)

Rachel: I hope you don't mind me texting you. (sent at 5:06)

Rachel: If you do, I can stop immediately. Just let me know. I hope your evening is going well. This is Rachel. Berry. (sent at 5:07)

The blonde couldn't help the huge giddy smile that immediately surfaced upon reading the diva's words. Quinn could hear her voice in the texts and a part of her ached to actually hear Rachel's stunning voice, but a larger part was incredibly nervous. Realizing it had been ten minutes since Rachel's last text, Quinn decided she should write the girl back before she panics that she hadn't gotten a response yet. Then again, this was Rachel Berry she was considering - the girl was probably already pacing her room worrying her bottom lip away. Now she had to think of something to text the girl. Just saying hi and that she didn't mind if Rachel texted her didn't seem like enough, yet being overly enthusiastic might scare her into thinking that Quinn might be up to something. She needed to be friendly, but not over the top. Simple, but not aloof.

Quinn: Hi Rachel. I don't mind if you text me. I was actually thinking of asking Kurt for your number.

Quinn looked at her phone, her finger hovering over the send button. It sounded too casual. Saying that she was only 'thinking' of asking for her number made it sound like she wasn't all that interested. If she was going to compete with Finn for the girl's attention she was going to have to do better than that.

Quinn: Hi Rachel. I don't mind you texting me at all. I've actually been wanting to ask for your number for awhile, but I was nervous you may not want me to text you.

Before she could think too hard about it, she sent the text. It was positive yet left the door open for Rachel to text her back. Maybe the other girl just wanted to ask Quinn something about glee, or school. Maybe she didn't want to just talk to her. Not surprisingly she didn't have to wait long for the other girl's response.

Rachel: Really? I mean, you wanted my number? I would've been happy to give it to you! I suggested to Mr. Schue that we as a group exchange numbers in glee.

Before Quinn could finish the first message a second came in.

Rachel: You know, in case of emergencies.

Quinn's heart dropped. Of course Rachel would want her number because of glee. For a short moment she considered saying 'screw it', all this heartache wasn't worth it. Rachel would never feel the same way about her. Seconds later she was thinking 'screw it'; if she was ever going to be happy she had to just go for it. Just as she was going to respond, yet another text came in.

Rachel: And of course I wanted your number for more than just because of glee. I've always hoped you and I could perhaps be friends.

Friends. What a shit word, thought Quinn. Of course she wanted to be friends with Rachel, but she wanted to be so much more. However, if she was ever going to be more to Rachel she needed to show the girl that she could be a good friend. Someone the brunette could trust, depend on, and confide in. At the same time, she knew Finn was coming up fast in the boyfriend lane and that meant that Quinn needed to show Rachel she was worthy. That's where Kurt's mash-up would come into play. Tonight would be about getting to know the girl and then causally inviting her to the auditorium on Friday - she needed to allow Finn to make a fool of himself trying to serenade Rachel in glee, not to mention she needed time to prepare her own song.

Quinn: I'd like that too. I'm really sorry I've been so horrible to you. There's no excuse for it, but I hope you'll let me show you how sorry I am and that you'll let me make it up to you.

There, she put it out there.

Quinn: And I promise that I will say it to you face to face, not just in texting.

She wanted to make sure the brunette knew this wasn't going to be just a covert thing that happened when they were in separate places, that she was willing to make amends in the flesh. After all, what good would an apology be if it was just in words and not in actions?

Rachel: Thank you, Quinn. That means a lot. I'll tell you what; from this point on we start anew. A fresh start.

Quinn's lips turned up into a contented smile.

Quinn: That sounds perfect. Hi. I'm Quinn Fabray, but my good friends call me Quinnif. ;-)

She giggled to herself thinking of the memory of the two of them sitting on the bleachers after Rachel came looking for her.

Rachel: Quinnif! What a unique and beautiful name! Someone very clever must have come up with that. :-P

The blonde giggled again just imagining Rachel's enthusiastic voice. Before she could return the text, another came in.

Rachel: And excuse me for my poor manners, my fathers raised me better. My name is Rachel - Rachel Barbra Berry, and it is a true pleasure to meet you. ^_^

Quinn's grin spread like wildfire across her face, her eyes twinkling in the simple playfulness of their conversation.

Quinn: The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Berry. Truly all mine. ;-)

Yes, she could do this. She could do playful flirty banter with Rachel. This is a good step. Kurt would be praising her, she was sure.

Quinn: Kurt Hummel! How could you?

She snickered mischievously. She was sure the boy was probably scared of the wrath she may pour on him if things didn't go well. While waiting for his response, another from Rachel came in.

Rachel: You're a charmer, Ms. Fabray, of that I am sure. ;-)

Quinn wanted to dance around her room. Was Rachel really flirting back? A text wink back and everything! Could she be so lucky so quickly? Just as she was going to type a response, Kurt's panicked text arrived.

Kurt: I'm sorry, but she threatened to sing my favorite Patti LuPone song off-key for a month if I didn't give her your number!

The blonde rolled her eyes. The boy cracks too easily. She decided to let him sweat it out a little while she returned her attention to her, dare she hope, soon to be girlfriend...?

Quinn: As are you - of that I am absolutely positive! Your voice alone is hypnotizing.
She thought for a second, then quickly typed out another text.

Quinn: I'm sorry I haven't told you in the past, but in all honesty Rachel - your voice is utterly amazing and it completely captivates me every time you sing.

Quinn figured she probably stunned the girl into silence for a moment so she turned her attention back to the one who essentially started this whole conversation.

Quinn: Well because of you Kurt I am currently having a conversation via text with Rachel that is truly, and utterly...

She thought she'd make him wait a little more when she saw a new text from Rachel had arrived.

Rachel: *blush* Thank you, Quinn. That really means a lot to me. I think you'd be shocked to know that you have rendered me speechless. *shy smile*

Quinn's smile threatened to break her delicate features.

Quinn: I mean every word. And I know I told you after, but I really loved your mash- up today. It was perfect.

Just like you, she wanted to add but thought it might be too much too soon. Ok, back to the boy.

Quinn: Where was I? Oh right - truly, utterly, magically wonderful and may I say FLIRTY conversation with Rachel right now ! ! !

Yep, she was proud of herself. Question was, would she be able to keep this up in person? Before she could doubt whether she could, a text buzzed.

Rachel: *double blush* Again, thank you Quinn. Your words mean so much to me. Now, before my skin permanently stays this bright red hue...how is your evening?

Yes, yes she could absolutely keep this up in person. She had to because this banter was quickly becoming incredibly addicting.

Kurt: REALLY? That is so fantabulous! I'm so excited and thrilled for you! I knew you could do it! I expect to hear EVERYTHING tomorrow!

Quinn could just imagine the boy clicking his heels together in celebration for her. He had become such a good friend to her, and she knew just how lucky she was to have him to confide in.

Quinn: My evening has been occupied with homework, but I've recently found this enchanting distraction that has made my evening so much better. And yours?

Oh yeah, she was on fire. Too bad she was going to have to cut this shorter than she wanted to after hearing the call for dinner from Puck down the hall. Though she'd like nothing more than to eat in her room, Mrs. Puckerman insisted that everyone eat together even if it was on folding TV tables set up by the living room couch. And no cell phones were allowed after she had caught Puck sexting Santana one evening when she was trying to having a conversation with her son.

Rachel: If you keep flattering me like this, Ms. Fabray, I warn you that my ego may grow even larger than some already claim it is. My evening has also been enchanted. :-)

Oh god how Quinn wished she could eat dinner in her room. She really didn't want to end this. It was going so well.

Rachel: I hate so much that I have to say this, but I'm afraid my fathers are calling me for dinner. Perhaps we could continue this later?

Quinn's heart soared. She had considered suggesting they talk after she was done eating, but figured Rachel would probably be busy.

Quinn: I was just going to say that I was called to dinner also. I would love to continue this later. Say in an hour?

Her heart thumped in her chest. She felt like she was making a date with the other girl.

"Quinn, seriously, my mom is waiting!" she heard outside her door. "Now get off that short skirt site and come eat." He paused a second. "Food. I mean eat food." She could hear the smirk in his voice and threw her other shoe at the door.

"I'm coming!" she yelled back then blushed furiously at what she had said right after what he had implied. Outside she could hear him snickering on his way back to the living room.

Rachel: An hour is perfect. I will 'see' you then!

Quinn smiled to herself as she placed her phone on her desk and proceeded to head to dinner.


2nd A/N: Here is a quick sample of the new Faberry fic I'm working on. (I promise I will continue this one) It's called Psychically Speaking.

This scene is going to take place after Rachel realizes its Quinn and she is trying to woo/turn her on. At this point Santana and Brittany also know about Rachel's quest. I've had this in scene in mind for a very long time (at least a year), I just needed the right storyline to go with it.
Without any warning, Quinn felt a presence beside her and suddenly a usually hyper voice was attempting sultry as she whispered, "I'm so damp for you."

"Oh my god, Rachel!" Quinn hissed looking around the table to determine if anyone else heard her.

"Am I getting you damp with my dirty talk, Quinn?" Rachel continued to breathily whisper into the blonde's ear. "Do you want to know how damp you make me?"

"Wet, Rachel! The term is wet, and no, I don't - just please shut up!" Quinn hissed out again absolutely mortified at Rachel's clumsy attempt at trying to arouse her.

Blushing from her mistake, Rachel mumbled an almost silent 'eep' while quickly pulling out a small pad of paper and pen and began to frantically write something down. "Please tell me you're not taking notes on this" Quinn harshly whispered so as not to attract any attention from the surrounding tables.

Rachel paused in her writing, glanced at the blonde, wrote a couple more things, and then slowly slipped into the spot next to Quinn. "Though my mistake may suggest otherwise, and it certainly demonstrates how I still have some things to learn, I like to be well prepared for things, Quinn, and wooing you is no exception."

Quinn immediately rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Rachel, stop - you have no hopes of 'wooing' me whether you're prepared or not. So PLEASE. Just. Stop."

Big brown eyes gazed at the blonde as though she was lost in thought and hadn't heard a thing she had just said. "Nice try, Quinn - your words say one thing, but your eyes say something completely different."

"Oh my god you're insufferable" Quinn mumbled to herself.

In a sing-song voice, Rachel happily replied, "Your words say one thing, but your eyes..."

"Well then stop 'listening' to my eyes because they're lying!" she growled out between clenched teeth as she lowered her head so her forehead was resting on the table. While softly banging her head on the table, a tall blonde sat down across from her while a smirking Latina followed suit.

"Why is Quinn hitting her head on the table?" Brittany asked in a non-commital voice as she stuck the straw in her juice box.

Still with a satisfied smirk on her face, Santana quipped "The Orthodyke sitting next her is no doubt rambling on about something ridiculous."

"Hello, Santana." The Latina nodded. "My conversations are never ridiculous, I'll have you know, especially when I'm speaking with the absolutely lovely and captivating Miss Fabray." The blonde groaned next to her. "I must admit, Santana, your clever nickname for me just now is certainly one of your best - playing on my Jewish heritage and newly found girl-loving nature. Good one." The Latina nodded satisfactorily while Quinn groaned next to Rachel. "Are you feeling ill, Quinn? Can I get you anything?"

Slowly looking up from her position she scowled at the brunette. "Yeah, you can get lost."
End scene...for now...
Thank you again everyone! (Reviews? Pretty please?)

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New Faberry fic...?

As a way to break up all of my school work, I have a couple of new Faberry fics in mind that are to be fun and not angsty. For those who are following it, I will finish Black Holes & Revelations, but right now I’m stuck on chapter 14. I know where I want to take it, have it all planned out, but this next chapter is a hurtle to get over.

If you were perusing a Faberry fic synopsis, which one would grab your eye more:

1) Rachel receives a message from a psychic that if she is to be truly successful in her future career she must find her true love first. Thinking that’s Finn, she tries to explain to the psychic that she's already with her true love to which the psychic tells her that the one she is currently with is not the one she is destined to be with. Eventually she figures out that it’s Quinn and then has to convince Quinn that they are soul mates.

2) Rachel begins having a series of erotic dreams about Quinn that make her more than a little curious. Trusting in Kurt to give her advice, she tells him about her dreams and he tells her that she may have a shot with the blonde. Convinced that she could probably woo Quinn into at least experimenting (because as a future actress, Rachel really should prepare herself for a whole host of different possible roles) she finds that she is developing real feelings for Quinn and vice versa.

Neither one of them will be (too) heavy or angsty and more just fun, fluffy, and cracky. I plan to keep the characters relatively close to who they are, but with some liberties for my fic purposes to push the story along. I do plan to write both of them, (eventually) but I don't know which one to start with first.

Since I'm new to polls and I'm having a hell of a time getting it to work in the same posting as this, please use the following link to cast your vote:

alex/paige, palex

Say it Again 6/6

Chapter 6

After a slightly uncomfortable dinner, the Michalchuk's suggested they all watch a movie together. Paige and Alex were both hoping to be able to have some alone time, but there really wasn't any way to say no.

After much discussion between Paige and her parents, they finally settled on a film. Alex didn't care one way or another, she was more concerned about wanting to cuddle with her girlfriend but not wanting to do so in front of her parents.

As it turned out, that decision was also made for her. After she had popped the DVD in, Paige sat down next to Alex, grabbed her arm, and put it around her snuggling in comfortably as Alex sat stiffly next to her.

"Would you relax, they don't care" the blonde whispered to her, but Alex was still having a hard time loosening up. It also didn't help that Paige was mindlessly rubbing her arm with her thumb, which was driving Alex crazy.

She didn't think it was possible, but the length of the movie almost seemed to last longer than dinner. Though she didn't have to answer any questions such as, what are your plans for college or what do you think you might major in - those she was used to because of Paige, but having to be that close to her girlfriend and not really being able to touch her was absolute torture. Sweet torture, but torture never the less.

After an excruciating hour and forty-seven minutes, (she was keeping track of the time) they were finally able to head up to Paige's room. Alone.

"How could you stand sitting there all that time?" Alex asked in a huge sigh of relief as she fell onto the blonde's bed.

"What do you mean?" she asked as she sat down next to her, and gently smoothed her silky raven hair behind her ear.

Alex just gazed up at her, getting lost for a moment in those gorgeous green eyes before finally asking, "Didn't you wish we were watching the movie by ourselves so we could actually be ourselves?" She thought for a moment while looking up at Paige, feeling so at peace while the blonde looked down at her with a bemused look on her face while being able to see the inner workings of her girlfriend's mind.

Alex got a far away look on her face as she turned to stare at nothing, feeling suddenly vulnerable and inward. Finally she started again, "I dunno, maybe its just cuz they are your 'rents and I'm so worried about wanting them to like me since I care about you so much and I don't want to give them any reason to want you to stay away from me..."



"You're babbling."

She turned back to look up at Paige, "Then why don't you do something to shut me up?" Alex raised her eyebrows up and down.

Paige laughed, "You really have a one track mind, don't you?"

"When I'm around you, yes. I can't help it."

"Good thing I find that endearing in you" she said as she leaned down to kiss Alex.

What was meant to be a simple kiss of affection soon turned passionate. Hands began to wander, lips began to travel, and two bodies found each other pressed tightly together.

"Paige, we shouldn't" Alex breathed heavily, as Paige worked to tear her hoodie off while kissing her collarbone.

"What? Why? I thought this is what you wanted?" she huskily breathed back while continuing her attack on Alex's neck.

"It is, believe me, it is. It's just..." regardless of what her mind was telling her, her body kept talking louder, and she trailed off forgetting what she was saying.

After a few moments, Paige finally remembered that Alex was saying something, "It's just what?"

"What's what?" With the help of her girlfriend's talented hands and lips, she was suddenly drawing a blank.

"You were saying something about why we shouldn't be doing this." Paige reminded her while she slipped one of her hands slightly under Alex's tank top causing the other girl to suddenly inhale deeply.

"I was?"

"Yeah, but I'm being a little distracting."

"You're being a lot distracting." She in turn slipped her hand up and into Paige's shirt, caressing and pulling at the flesh on her back.

"So why shouldn't we be doing this?"

"I have no idea" she let escape before pulling Paige into another heated kiss.

Suddenly Alex sat straight up, practically throwing her girlfriend off of the bed. "What was that!"

Surprised and stunned Paige asked, "What was what? I didn't hear anything."

She moved back in to kiss her, but Alex pulled back saying, "It sounded like your parents."

Paige paused for a moment, listening. "I don't hear anything, I think you're just being paranoid."

"Yeah well it would look pretty bad if they came in here and saw me groping their daughter on her bed."

"You don't hear their daughter complaining do you?" Alex just looked at her with a slightly irritated look. "Its not as if they haven't already figured that there is a high possiblity that that's what we're up to in here."

"Oh god, do you think?" Alex stressfully ran her fingers through her hair.

Paige lightly laughed, she couldn't help it. Alex looked so damn adorable at that moment. "I'm glad you're ejoying my freaking out" the raven haired girl tensely replied.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, you just look incredibly cute right now."

"Oh well I didn't realize that stress is what turned you on, otherwise I would have tried this months ago."

Paige laughed again. "Alex, hun, stop worrying. They've probably gone to bed already." She began to run her hand up and down the girl's arm, which was calming her down with every gentle caress.

"Without checking on us first?" she asked unbelieving and still a bit paranoid.

"I'm not twelve."

"Exactly my point. You're eighteen. And upstairs. Alone. With your girlfriend."

"So let's not waste the moment" the blonde seductively answered while placing the hand that was so tenderly stroking her arm, and placed it on at the edge of Alex's tank top, and slipped a few fingers inside it while teasing the skin on her waist.

She closed her eyes for a moment, but her mind was still trying to protest. "But...Paige...I..."

"Alex, please shut up and put your hands on me."

Her eyes flew open, and she found herself staring into two darkening pools of green that were filled with desire. She pulled Paige into a hungry kiss, and eased her back onto her body.

After several heated moments of hands, and lips, and bodies, Alex pulled back.

"What is it, sweetie?" the blonde asked breathlessly.

"Paige. I have to tell you something" she answered, getting very quiet and shy.

The other girl could hear the seriousness in her voice, and rolled onto her side giving her girlfriend her complete attention. "What is it?" she asked nervously.

Alex looked away for a second, took in a deep breath, then looked deep into her eyes. "Paige. I-I love you." It was so quiet, the blonde could barely hear it.

Her lips curved into a sweet smile as the words wrapped around her. She didn't say anything for a moment as she simply took in the moment, wanting to savor it - memorize it.

Despite the melted look on Paige's face, Alex suddenly felt insecure with her feelings being so raw and out there. "You don't have to say it back, I wasn't expecting you to. And I don't want you to say it if you don't mean it, that would be worse than not saying it. Its just, I've never said it to anyone before and you, and this relationship mean a lot to me, and so I wanted you to be the first I said it to..."

Paige silenced her by kissing her sweetly. "I love you too, Alex."

She felt a sudden rush of relief, joy, excitement - everything fantastic, and her wide grin revealed her emotions. "Really?"

Paige kissed her deeper this time, then softly drew back, "Really."

Alex wrapped her arms around Paige, wanting to thank her, but not being able to say anything else. They held each other for several moments, reveling in what had just happened. It felt like a miracle to Alex.

They began to lightly kiss, just enjoying the softness of each other's lips and the closeness of each other. Their minds running around in thoughts, Paige finally broke the silence. "Alex?"


"Say it again."

The End

Oct. 26th, 2011


Faberry fic

Poll #1789862 New Faberry fic

Which of the following scenarios would you rather read?

Choice 1
Choice 2

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Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Since I was never one of the "popular" kids I was always picked on and bullied as I was growing up. I was a quiet kid who had a very hard time sticking up for herself and therefore became an easy target. At the time it was just something that I thought was part of growing up and I'd just have to deal with it not realizing that it was in fact bullying. I never really told my mom about it because that would be admitting that it was happening - when I went home I just wanted to forget about it, but every day I would go to school with an almost constant stomachache due to fear of what was going to happen to me.

No bullying, however, was as bad as when I came out - the homophobic slurs and put downs were much more hurtful than anything I had ever experienced. Though it may sound cheesy, looking back I realize I was also a bully to myself as I put myself down all the time - believing what others were saying that I wasn't cool enough, or pretty enough, etc. It wasn't until many years later that I began to change my way of thinking and to stop bullying myself which led to not letting others bully me either.

Oct. 2nd, 2011


(no subject)

A/N: As always - same rules apply.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Chapter 13

An uncomfortable yet exhilarating conversation later found Quinn bustling through the doors of the Lima Bean to find an anxious Kurt sitting at a table near the back. He immediately waved her over and pointed enthusiastically at the cup sitting opposite of him to indicate he had already gotten something for her. Quinn made a quick once over of the establishment to ensure they hadn't been followed by two overly curious friends. Weaving in and out of the tables as quickly as she could waddle, she finally made it over to what was becoming her and Kurt's usual table.

"Where have you been? Glee has been over for forty minutes, that's several minutes too many that I had to keep the dynamic duo busy and away from you" he scolded as his brow scrunched up in disapproval. "And your tea is cold." He tapped his fingers rapidly against his coffee mug sitting in front of him while he stared at the still quiet blonde. "Well" he motioned to her for an explanation. Still nothing. "Ok, Quinn you're starting to freak me out. Did you become mute since the last time I saw you, because if you have it will throw a very severe wrench in my continuing plan of 'Operation squeeze a Berry'."

Though her face had remained perfectly stoic throughout Kurt's growing panic, a smile started to emerge. Then a small giggle. Then that giggle began to grow into near hysterical proportion. Kurt sat back in his chair not understanding what was so funny as he nonchalantly ran a nervous hand through his hair to ensure it still looked perfect. "Squeeze a Berry" she giggled to herself as she took a sip of her lukewarm tea.

Kurt's face relaxed into a relieved smile. "Oh thank Dolce and Cabana you haven't lost it."

"You should've seen your face" Quinn continued to giggle as she took another drink.

Kurt tossed his head back slightly with a scoffing noise. "Yes well, if you want continued assistance I suggest you not panic the person who is willingly helping you win the tan maiden you have set your sights on."

Quinn sat up straighter and put on the air of being completely serious. "My apologies oh fashionable one. I am your putty. Mold me."

"Hmm" Kurt tapped his chin thoughtfully. "I'm not sure I trust your words as your growing smirk says differently." She smiled innocently at him. "Alright, enough of this - where were you?"

The blonde's fake smile was instantly transformed into a near devious one as she cleared her throat and paused for dramatic effect. "Well, while you were trying to push Santana and Puck out of the choir room, I went up to Rachel and I followed your advice and told her she looked nice and that I liked her performance." Kurt nodded approvingly, but didn't interrupt. "She smiled shyly and blushed a little and it was really cute." Suddenly she threw a hand over her mouth not believing she had just said the last part out loud. Kurt tried to hide his knowing smirk in his coffee mug as he waited for the blonde to continue.

Clearing her throat again and slowly removing her hand, Quinn continued with her recountment of the events. "Anyway, Finn of course interrupted us and started kissing up to Rachel; however, he kept looking at me like he suddenly knew why I was talking to Rachel and the look on his face looked like he was challenging me."

"The plot thickens" Kurt sat forward getting completely engrossed in the story.

"Oh, it gets better. He actually pulled me to the side and confronted me about my 'intentions' toward Rachel" she said sitting forward herself.

His eyes widened, "Wow, I wouldn't have guessed he would've figured it out so quickly."

"I know, me too. Wait, I thought you liked Finn" she half asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh I do, but I also recognize that he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal." She nodded in the affirmative at this while looking as though she was beginning to get lost in her head. "So..." She looked at him blankly for a moment. "Good grief, Quinn, are those pregnancy hormones really blocking your ability to complete a thought?"

The haze that had crept over her features began to melt away. "Sorry, the baby was moving and making me really uncomfortable for a minute."

Kurt's expression instantly softened. "Oh. I'm sorry. I-I...does it hurt?" He wasn't sure what to say. He had never really thought much about a woman's bodily functions, let alone a pregnant one.

Quinn placed both of her hands over her swollen belly while absentmindedly running her fingers over it while attempting to sooth the moving being growing inside her. "It doesn't hurt, but sometimes its just incredibly uncomfortable and feels like she's kicking me right in my diaphragm making it hard to breathe." Kurt still wasn't sure what to say to this, so instead he just gazed at her and waited patiently for her to finish her story. Shaking herself from her inner thoughts, she looked up at the boy in front of her. "Ok, so where was I?"


"Right, Finn. Anyway when he pulled me aside..."

***Approximately 45 minutes earlier***

"What are you up to?" Finn harshly whispered to the blonde in front of him while looking over her shoulder and smiling as reassuringly as possible to a nervous looking brunette who was occupying her time discussing Regionals with Mr. Schuester.

"What are you talking about?" she asked sweetly as though she was completely oblivious as to what this conversation was about.

Finn grumbled with a half sneer, "Don't play dumb."

"Right, cuz that's your job" she snipped back at him.

He took a deep breath and looked over at Rachel again before returning his gaze back on the blonde. "What is your angle with her? Are you trying to hurt her? Make her think you actually like her only to break her heart?"

Quinn noted the genuine concern for the other girl, but she also noted the fact that the boy really thought so low of her that she would actually pull something so wounding on another person. It stung, and yet she knew she deserved it. For too long she had been that person who would knowingly toy with another person's emotions for her own benefit. However, before she could start doubting whether she deserved a chance to be with someone she really cared about she regained her purpose which meant fighting for the girl who was quickly affecting her every waking thought. "I do like her, Finn. Not that it's any of your business."

"It is my business if it involves her" he nearly spit back.

"She's not yours, Finn. She doesn't belong to anyone, and she can do whatever she pleases."

"You mean you?" he sneered.

Quinn took in a long deep breath trying her hardest not to slap the contemptuous look off his face. "Ok, Finn - if you think you're so fantastic then tell me why you should be the one she should be with. You never stand up for her, you always look like you're only half paying attention to her, and you keep playing with her emotions with this 'no I can't be with you, but wait don't go I want you around when it's convenient for me" she threw back, her hands finding her hips in her best HBIC pose.

The sneer that had been a mainstay since they started talking quickly slipped from his face as one of startled confusion then to one growing in anger. "And what makes you so great for her? You've done nothing but treat her like crap since you two met, taking every chance you can to put her down, call her names, and making her life a living hell." He began to get a satisfied grin on his face as he felt he had one upped her. "And besides" he began to add with a pious expression, "since when have you become a muff diver?"

Quinn's face flushed with raging anger as she stepped forward. "Finn Hudson you are incredibly lucky we are in public right now, because if we weren't, you'd find out really quickly what it feels like to be a woman."

Confusion crept over his features. "What does that mea..."

"Think out it long and hard. And if you even think about saying anything about this to anyone, you will be in a world of pain." She took another step forward while Finn avoided her eyes by looking over her shoulder once more at the girl who was pretending not to be watching the whole scene with great interest.

Faltering slightly in his previous confidence he responded weakly, "I won't be ashamed to openly date Rachel."

Quinn's eyes narrowed as her hands slipped from her hips. That hurt. It was true she was scared to death of the idea of being out at school, let alone her parents finding out. She wasn't ashamed of being with a girl, but she knew what kind of world she currently lived in, especially in a small town. For all of her vibrato and pride, she knew that Rachel had been teased and tormented about the fact that she has two dads and the idea of having that kind of pure hatred directed towards herself was incredibly frightening. It wasn't fair, but it was real life and one that she was willing to put up with if it meant being with someone who made her feel things that no one else ever had.

Finn could see the inner thinking the blonde was doing in front of him, and he knew he was casting some doubt in her mind. Going in for the kill, he quietly added "I can make her happy."

Much to his surprise this was actually the worst thing he could say as a pair of hazel eyes shot up to look into his. "Oh you think you can, do you?" Her face contorted into a look of haughty derision. "Tell me Finn, if you are so good for her, what is her favorite color? Favorite Barbra album? The band she thinks of as a 'guilty pleasure'?"

Finn was so taken aback all he could mutter was quick "Uh" before being interrupted again.

"That's what I thought. If you're so right for her, tell me why you can't answer any of those simple questions about her?" she threw back with a hefty dose of contempt in her voice.

Regaining himself he quickly countered, "You didn't give me a chance to answer any of them!"

"Ok" she took a small step back. "Tell me the answers if you think you know her so well."

He glanced once again over her shoulder to girl with dark brown eyes who was slowly gathering up her things, preparing to leave. Giving her a lop-sided smile, he returned his eyes back on Quinn. "Uhm, so her favorite color?" The blonde nodded. "It's uh," he looked back over at the now leaving girl. "Gold?"

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Was that an answer or a question?" He just stared blankly at her. "Ok, favorite Barbra album?"

"Barbra Streisand, right?" She rubbed the back of her neck indicating she wasn't at all interested in his stupid questions and that if he knew what was good for him he would answer quickly. "Barbra, uh, color something..."

Quinn closed her eyes while taking a deep breath. "Guilty pleasure band?"

"I know this!" He grinned brightly. "Justin Bieber!"

For the third time, Quinn took in a deep breath. "Really Finn?" His smile faltered slightly, but he shook his head in the affirmative.

Hearing something dropping by the door, both turned to see Rachel grinning sheepishly as she swooped down to pick up a notebook she had dropped after running into the doorway while she had been paying more attention to the two bickering in the middle of the choir room than where she was going. The brunette gave a timid wave to the two as she looked back and forth between them. Finn waved back overly enthusiastic while Quinn gave a warm smile to the girl who was now slowly retreating out the door.

As soon as she was gone, Quinn's head whipped back to face the tall boy in front of her. "First of all, her favorite color isn't gold - its dark red, more specifically it's the color of the red velvet curtains you see in a lot of old theaters because it reminds her of the first musical her dads took her to at the Lima Community Theatre when she was four. In the middle of watching the local production of Annie she turned to her dads and told them that's what she wanted to do when she grew up." Finn blinked blankly in front of her not having a clue what to say.

Seeing that he wasn't going to challenge her, she went on. "Color Me Barbra is what I assume you were so crudely referring to, and though it is a close second to her favorite, that's not it. Her favorite is actually the live concert at the Forum not only because it contains so many of her favorite Barbra songs, but also because she loves listening to Barbra talking to her audience as she feels especially connected to her as though she too is a part of the audience."

This time the boy didn't even blink. He started to feel bad that he didn't know the answers to these, what should be, easy questions and he began to wonder how the girl who had supposedly hated the diva so much did know them. Mustering up a little self respect he brought up the last question. "And Justin Bieber..."

"Isn't right either. It's The Killers." At this he scrunched up his face in deep confusion. Noticing this Quinn jumped in with a quick follow up. "Yeah I know, it doesn't make sense to anyone else either, but she says its because it's a band that she wouldn't normally cover herself, but enjoys them anyway."

Finn relaxed back on his heels as he took all this new information in. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't figure out how Quinn knew so much without ever having a real conversation with the other girl, or at least none that he knew of. "How...?"

"Do I know so much about Rachel?" He nodded. "I actually listen to her when she talks" she spit out disgusted that the guy who supposedly wanted to be with her so badly knew nothing about her.

Still looking confused he scratched his head and mumbled, "But I've never seen you talk to her other than to insult or threaten her."

Again Quinn felt that pang of guilt that stung like a knife being plunged into her chest. It was true, she hadn't really talked to Rachel before today other than to call her a name or warn her about staying out of her way. "I haven't, I admit that. But I listen to her when she talks in glee, and I pay attention to the little things that are important to her. I think I have for longer than I realized." The last sentence trailed off and was said more to herself than the boy in front of her.

Before she could get completely lost in her thoughts she cleared her throat one last time and looked back up into the eyes of the guy she once thought she loved. "In any case, I don't have to explain myself to you or my 'intentions' toward Rachel. Its none of your business – it's between her and I." She was about to leave when she turned back suddenly while pointing a finger at him. "And if you think you're so right for her, Finn, then tell me why you couldn't get the answers right to three simple questions." With that she stormed out of the room completely missing the 5'2" stature who was hiding around the corner trying desperately to eavesdrop on the conversation.

***Back at the Lima Bean***

"Wow." Kurt exhaled while sitting back in his chair absorbing her recountment of the exchange she had with Finn. "You really wanna squeeze a Berry, don't you?"

Quinn's eyes narrowed and her lips puckered in an attempt to squelch a smile as she crumbled up a napkin and threw it at the boy in front of her. "You're supposed to be helping me, not mocking me" she laughed in spite of her trying so hard to stop.

"Ok, ok!" He said throwing his hands up in defeat. "Let's start thinking of song choices you can follow this up with because you know Finn is already thinking up the perfect song from The Killers to try and impress Rachel. They really are her guilty pleasure, right? You weren't just telling him that when in reality she hates them so he can then make a fool of himself when trying to serenade her, right?"

Shaking her head in the negative while sitting back she replied easily, "No, but that would've been a great idea. She really does love them, but I highly doubt he'll ever figure out her favorite song of theirs." Kurt's eyebrow arched up in a silent question. "Human."

He nodded, "I could see that appealing to her."

"Do you think I should sing it?" she quickly asked, her face brightening up.

"No, no - I think we should hit her with something that would really make her swoon. If Finn ends up singing a song of theirs you will just look like you're trying to outdo him, which yes you are, but you're going to do it so much better." His grin began to widen with the look of a mad genius.

Her eyebrow arched in true Quinn fashion. "Broadway?"

He nodded slowly, "Broadway, but for good measure you're going to throw in a little Gershwin too."

Quinn folded her hands around her mug of tea while a wry smile spread across her lips. "Something tells me that not only do you already have the songs picked out, but you've already successfully mashed them together." Kurt's face lit up while he playfully swiped his hair behind his ear like a true master. "I knew I picked the right person to come to." With that they both leaned forward as Kurt pulled out the notebook he had all of his notes in on their next course of action. It was one thing to serenade Rachel with a song, it was quite another to make her swoon to them.


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Black Holes & Revelations 12/?

A/N: Same rules apply.

Thank you once again to everyone who has supported me and this fic. I'm inching ever closer to the end of the chapters I've had done for several months now; however, if all goes as planned I will be working on chapter 14 this evening!

Chapter 12

Quinn spent several days thinking about the long conversation she and Kurt had in the Lima Bean after she had taken the first steps of coming out. Many nights she spent staring up at the ceiling from her bed in the Puckerman guest bedroom, the sparkling bits of drywall beginning to swirl after long hours of contemplation. She knew she wasn't ready to be out and proud, the idea terrified her, but it felt good to finally admit something she had been trying to repress for such a long time. Rachel had also been on her mind a lot the last few days. Without always realizing it, her eyes would actively seek out the brunette every chance she got, and before she knew it, her eyes were raking over every inch of her body with a deep longing. Rachel, on the other hand, appeared oblivious to Quinn's intense and hungry gaze which confused her immensely.

Why was the diva so intent on getting Quinn to confess her deep seated desire for her in what was an intense interrogation to not only stop, but also to act as though Quinn hardly even existed? The blonde felt her stomach clench every time she thought about it. How was she supposed to make the brunette hers if the girl seemed suddenly so indifferent? Quinn posed these questions to Kurt who attempted to calm her down insisting that Rachel was just single-minded right now as Regionals inched ever closer. The argument was perfectly logical considering how important glee was to Rachel, but Quinn still couldn't shake the feeling that her chances with the brunette were quickly falling away.

It didn't help that she saw her ex-boyfriend hovering over her diva every chance he got. She had heard through the gossip mill that was McKinley High that Rachel had not accepted his invitation to date, but Quinn wondered how long it would be before she decided to go out with him. After all, Finn was the one she had been pursuing so adamantly, right? So why would she continue to refuse his advances if that's all she had wanted all along? Every time the blonde saw the two of them in the hall together she couldn't help the scowl on her face that quickly followed. At times the two appeared happy, giggling away, while others there were longing glances between the two. Quinn was doing everything she could to not make herself sick over this. It seemed like some sort of sick joke for her to finally admit what she wanted, who she wanted, only to have it ripped away from her.

Logically speaking Rachel was never really hers to begin with, but with the diva's insistent pursuit of the truth it felt like she may actually have some glimmer of a chance with the brunette. But now, now that Finn was single and therefore free to date the girl who had captured both of their hearts, not to mention the fact that Rachel seemed so distant towards her, it just felt as though her chances were slipping away faster than she could hold on to them. Kurt, for his part, did everything he could to reassure her that she couldn't give up before she had even begun. If Rachel really was as worth it as she claimed, she owed it to herself to at least try while also assuring her that she too deserves to be happy especially considering everything she was going through right now.

Unbeknownst to Quinn, the seemingly longing glances she thought she was seeing between Rachel and Finn were only one sided. It was true that Rachel did have feelings for Finn, but she was determined to be properly courted not just treated like a consolation prize because he was now single. Another fact that Quinn was unaware of is that Rachel had been fully conscious of the hazel eyes that were continually following her. The eyes never felt invasive, but almost comforting and protective. She knew that with those eyes watching her she never had to worry about being hit by a slushie, something she knew was not the case of when Finn was around. He was a nice guy, that she was sure of and it was true he could be a good leader when he needed to be, but she never felt like she was safe of bullying from his football cronies or the Cheerios even when he was around. Sure he'd say something to them in front of her, but it never had much backbone behind it. On the other hand with Quinn watching her she had a good feeling that were something to happen to her while the blonde was watching, whomever dared even look at her wrong would have a very angry pregnant ex-cheerleader on their asses.

Rachel hadn't been purposely avoiding Quinn, she wasn't really avoiding her at all but rather trying to give the girl some space and allow her to figure everything out. Having grown up with two dads Rachel had a good understanding of how hard it could be for people, especially someone with such a conservative background as Quinn, and therefore she didn't want to push her too hard. Sure she came on strong at first, but that was more due to just wanting the blonde to stop bullying her so much. Rachel knew she was running the risk of making things worse for herself as the retaliation of someone like Quinn could be massive, but at the same time she thought she had a pretty good understanding of the blonde that instead of retaliating she would instead back off because she would realize that the more she objected to Rachel's hypothesis the guiltier it would make her look. No, Rachel didn't want to hurt Quinn, she just wanted Quinn to stop hurting her.

Though Rachel may not have actively made eye contact with Quinn she always knew of the whereabouts of the blonde. At her locker, she knew Quinn was down the hall at her own watching. On her way to the auditorium for lunch, she knew Quinn was watching on her way to the cafeteria. In glee sitting down front with Finn at her side, she knew Quinn was watching from the back row. To some it may seem creepy, but to Rachel she felt safe knowing someone who no longer held any ill will toward her was watching. At least someone seemed to show genuine interest in her and her well-being even if it did come in the form of someone who claimed to have once hated her. Rachel spent a lot of time thinking about this fact. What does it say about a boy who supposedly wants to date her yet doesn't appear to be as interested in her life as someone who stands off on the side lines just watching? Did she really want him, or was there another choice?

These questions brought her to glee equipped with a song to express just how she had been feeling with regards to Finn and perhaps even to the girl who had been shadowing her from afar for a couple of weeks now. Never in all of her greatest daydreams did Rachel ever think she would find herself in this situation with the quarterback and most popular guy in school wanting to date her, nor having the head cheerleader (even if she wasn't currently) and once most popular girl in school interested in her as well. She felt like she was in limbo without a reason to move forward, and what better way than to explain her thoughts than through music. After all, she was still Rachel Barbra Berry - future Broadway sensation and EGOT winner.

While Mr. Schuester discussed his thoughts on song choices for Reginonals, Rachel sat fidgeting in the front row. She was doing her best to remain patient while he talked all the while completely in her head about singing for the group. Besides, regardless of what he chose she knew she would be challenging him later to get it changed. Yes he was their teacher and yes he was once in an award winning glee club, but that didn't mean he had the best choices in music selection.

Sitting forward slightly in her chair waiting for her opening to interrupt Mr. Schue, she could feel hazel eyes gazing at her. Glancing slightly over her shoulder she caught the other girl's stare. Quinn had an unreadable look on her face as she looked back at Rachel, only looking away when Kurt whispered in her ear. Rachel turned her focus back to the front and realized that Mr. Schuester had stopped talking and was looking at the group with an inquisitive look on his face. Thinking this was the perfect opportunity to request a chance for her solo, she made eye contact with young teacher.

"Mr. Schuester!" she sternly said while her hand shot up with determination.

"Yes Rachel?" He appeared reluctant to call on her thinking for sure she was going to disagree with everything he had just said. Little did he know that for once Rachel hadn't really heard anything he had been talking about since he walked in the door.

The young diva stood up and gently smoothed down her skirt - her very short Quinn noted as her eyes took in the girl's long legs. "Be careful, you're drooling" Kurt whispered next to her.

Without taking her eyes off the brunette she elbowed him in the ribs whispering, "Shut-up."

Rachel walked up to the young teacher and turned around to face the rest of the club. "Mr. Schuester, if I may, I have put together a mash-up of two songs that at first may seem contradictory of one another, but are actually a perfect match for how I've been feeling lately. If it would be ok with you and the group, I would like to present it now."

Two pairs of eyes bore into her with great intensity - one with over confidence, while the other's held hesitancy for fear of being shot down before even making a move.

Mr. Schuester smiled lightly with relief washing over his face with the fact that all she wanted to do was sing. "The floor is all yours" he replied as he walked to an empty chair off to the side.

Nodding to the ever present Brad and the rest of the band, Rachel composed herself in preparation to begin singing. Finn sat forward in his seat smiling with a dopey look on his face for what he was sure was going to be a mash-up of a couple of love songs. Quinn, on the other hand, sat as far back in her chair as possible and nearly strangled her own fingers fearing it really would be a love song medley. Kurt casually placed his hand over hers in an attempt to settle her nerves, all the while Santana and Puck looked back and forth between each other and this sudden new friendship. They knew something was up but neither could figure out what. Brittany, however, appeared oblivious as she began swaying to the music, the ever present dancer within feeling the need to move.

Right before she sang the first note, Rachel's eyes glanced over to the two people whose interest in her performance was so intense it could be cut with a knife. Her hips began to move to the rhythm, hazel eyes drinking in her every movement. Even from this distance, Rachel could feel the heat coming from the blonde in the back therefore giving her the sultry turn in her voice she needed for the first part of her mash-up. Letting her eyes slip closed she began to sing:

I lie in an early bed thinking late thoughts

Waiting for the black to replace my blue

I do not struggle in your web because it was my aim to get caught

Her eyes opened to focus on the boy in front of her who was drinking her in as she used her pointed gaze at him to assert that she was trying to convey this message to him.

But daddy longlegs, I feel that I'm finally growing weary

Of waiting to be consumed by you

Oh, your love give me a heart contusion

Adagio breezes fill my skin with sudden red

Lifting her gaze on Finn her eyes raised to the back of the room where she knew she was being carefully watched by another set of thirsty eyes.

Your hungry flirt borders intrusion

And I'm building memories on things we have not said

Quinn's entire body tensed up as she locked eyes with the singing girl in the front of the room. She could feel Kurt, Santana, and Puck watching her carefully but she tried not to pay any attention to them. Instead her focus remained on the front as she tried to decipher if what Rachel was singing could actually be meant for her as much as it was for Finn. When the song first started her heart sunk realizing it was probably just an attempt to get Finn's attention, but now with the brunette looking at her and seemingly singing to her she thought maybe she had a chance after all. And with the change to the second song she knew for sure that though the first song was essentially a love song, the second was a warning to the boy down front.

Give me time to care, the moments here for us to share

Still my heart is not always there

What more can I say to you

Could I lie to you, I'm just too weak to face the truth

Now I know I should make a move

What more can I say

As Rachel sang the courses of the two songs her eyes glanced back and forth between the two who were still watching her with bated breath. Finn looked confused while Quinn looked slightly hopeful. Rachel also noted that during the course of the song, Finn had slid back in his seat while Quinn sat forward.

Give me the first taste

Let it begin, heaven cannot wait forever

Darling just start the chase

I'll let you win, but you must make the endeavor

Rachel's eyes fluttered back and forth between the two who were paying her such close attention leaving little to no doubt who the song was intended for.

How can I fall, how can I fall

When you just won't give me reasons

When you just won't give me reasons at all

Just won't give me reasons

Just won't give me reasons at all

As Rachel finished the last few notes of the song, Finn had an almost sick look on his face while Quinn had a hard time reigning herself in from standing up and applauding. Kurt cheered for Rachel while shooting Quinn knowing looks that she was definitely still in this. Rachel smiled widely due to the appreciative cheers she was being showered with. Taking one last glance at Quinn, she swept around to her chair, her skirt lightly twirling up much to the blonde's pleasure. Kurt giggled in his seat next to Quinn as he caught the pleased yet frustrated look on her face as she crossed her ankles tightly. For Rachel's part she smiled casually at Finn in a noncommital fashion while tossing her long lightly curled locks over her shoulder sneaking yet another quick glance at the blonde in the back row who was eating up every last bit of this display.

Though the song and the follow up show may have been for them, Finn and Quinn weren't the only two who appeared to know what was going on. Puck had a smirk on his face as it dawned on him why his baby mama had been looking at the pictures of girls in short skirts the other day, while Santana had a shit eating grin that told the story that she too had figured out who was getting Quinn so hot and bothered lately. Though Puck thought it was hot that the object of his desire was clearly desiring another female, it still burned him that his chances with Quinn were quickly dissipating in front of his eyes and he couldn't help but feel sad about it. Santana started nodding while mumbling something under her breath that the blonde couldn't quite catch but it sounded something like 'I knew it.' Regardless of the look on Puck or Santana's faces, Quinn was not going to let it kill her buzz.

Mr. Schuester continued to ramble on about his plans for Regionals, but the only people who appeared to be listening anymore were Tina, Mike, Matt, Mercedes, and Artie. Brittany wasn't really paying attention to anything except maybe the ladybug that was making its way across the wall. Knowing he'd get called out by Mr. Schue for talking during his lesson, Kurt casually pulled out a notebook and pen from his bag and began to quickly write a couple of things down. Out of the corner of her eye, Quinn saw that the note was to her but she was unable to fully remove her eyes from the small girl down front. The boy next to her softly tapped the paper on his lap to get her attention to read what he had just jotted down.

1) Just a fair warning - you have had an audience since her song started.

2) I have a perfect plan to get Operation Woo 'R' in motion.

Quinn's eyes briefly fluttered to the paper, then back to the brunette, then off to the side to catch two pairs of eyes watching her, and then finally back to the paper. She held her hand out palm side up to indicate that she wanted to borrow the pen Kurt was twirling in his fingers.

1) I had a feeling they were watching me.

2) Meet me at the Lima Bean at 4:15 - I'll buy.

She handed the pen and notebook back to Kurt then immediately looked back to Rachel. The girl looked like she was buzzing with ideas and was just waiting to interrupt Mr. Schue. Honestly Quinn was surprised she had lasted this long and a small grin peaked out from her lips. Something that would've annoyed the crap out of her before she just found endearing now. She realized now that regardless of what one thinks of Rachel, one absolutely could not deny the incredible determination she had to get the hell out of Lima and make her dreams come true. Light tapping dragged her out of her thoughts as she glanced back at the paper.

Before we meet, you need to talk to Rachel. I'll distract 'Frick and Frack' sitting next to you so they can't get in your way.

Quinn read the message over and quickly jotted her answer down with a look of panic on her face.

What should I say to her? And what about Finn? You know he's going to get in my way.

Instead of going back to her staring, Quinn made a quick glance at the brunette then watched as Kurt took the pen and notebook back.

Just make direct eye contact with Rachel and ask if you could talk to her. Give Finn one of your HBIC glares if you have to, but be sure to make Rachel understand you're not looking for a fight, you just want to talk to her. Keep your voice light. As far as what to say to her - tell her how much you enjoyed her song. Tell her she looks nice today. Charm her - I know you've got it in you, Fabray.

Quinn looked from the notebook to where Rachel was sitting. She actually did look nice today in her simple form fitting blouse in a rich red hue and matching stockings under her signature pleated short skirt in black. I bet she'd look smoking hot in a pair of strappy heels and minus the tights Quinn mused to herself. Beside her Kurt cleared his throat as he noticed the faraway look on her face. When she looked at him he nodded towards the clock and the fact that glee was almost over. 'Get ready' he mouthed to her.

Casually she shifted her position that would allow her to dart off the second Mr. Schuester dismissed them. To her right she could see Kurt preparing to move out of her way so she could head that direction while he could cut off those to her left who were watching the two new friends closely. At least she knew that Rachel wouldn't take off immediately as she almost always had something to say to Mr. Schuester after glee which would give Quinn ample time to catch her before she left. She looked up to the clock, then to Mr. Schue, and then finally back to Rachel. She was ready, she just needed the green light.

"Don't even think you're going to get out of talking about what the hell is going on," Santana hissed beside her. "You may be planning on escaping this time, but don't think I won't be showing up at Puck's later," she warned.

Rather than allow herself to be affected by the Latina's words, Quinn just rolled her eyes as she continued her steadfast watch over the brunette. Her whole body tensed as Mr. Schuester said the words she had been waiting for, "I'll see you all tomorrow then."

A flurry of blonde hair took off past Kurt with fierce determination. She was both excited and nervous and though part of her was looking forward to talking to Rachel, the other part was scared to death as they hadn't really spoken to each other for quite a while other than the occasional 'hi' in the hallways. Her eyes were fixed on the brunette as she made her way towards her target. As predicted, Rachel was talking to Mr. Schuester whose body language seemed to say 'get her away from me' to anyone who may be paying attention. For a startling moment, Quinn finally realized just how poorly Rachel had been treated not just by her classmates, but teachers as well. She still could see how Rachel's behaviors could inspire annoyance, but those behaviors came from a deep sense of passion for what she held so sacred to her. Though Mr. Schuester may view Quinn's interruption as saving him, she viewed it more as saving Rachel from such disdain to her proposals for the club.

Clearing her throat, Quinn took a deep breath as she nervously spoke up. "Excuse me, Mr. Schue?" Two pairs of eyes immediately landed on her, one with relief, one with surprise.

"Yes Quinn?" Will's face instantly lit up having been saved from Rachel's suggestions and criticisms.

Quinn watched Rachel's face closely for a sign that she was out of line by interrupting this conversation, but the brunette's eyes remained gazing at her with a startled look. Glancing back at the expectant teacher, Quinn politely replied, "I apologize for interrupting, but may I have a moment with Rachel?' She had to bite her lip to suppress a giggle when she noticed the eyebrows of the girl next to her raise even further. Thankfully instead of looking scared or apprehensive, Rachel looked ever the more surprised. On one hand it made Quinn feel bad because they had never really been friendly, all her own fault, but on the other hand it made her feel good because it meant that their newly formed tentative friendship was putting the petite girl more at ease at being around her.

Will for his part could barely contain his excitement. "Yes, of course! Take all the time you need." With that he quickly removed himself from the two girls and made a beeline for the other side of the room. Quinn's eyes squinted in quiet contempt as she watched his fast retreating form. Barely containing a growl, her eyes soften as they landed on the expectant girl now in front of her.

"You wanted to speak with me?" Rachel hesitantly, yet partially excited, asked as she practically strangled the sheet music she clutched so tightly in her hands.

The blonde's nerves quickly resurfaced as she fought to keep her eyes on the other girl's instead of traveling up and down her body in a hormonal fit she would later blame on the pregnancy. "Uhm, yes I did. Uh that is, I do. Want to speak with you." Rachel smiled shyly as her eyes twinkled with anticipation. She had never seen the other girl get flustered before. She found it rather charming.

Lightly clearing her throat again, Quinn continued feeling slightly embarrassed by her sudden inability to properly speak. "I just wanted to tell you how much I liked your song." Rachel's eyes lit up and her smile instantly grew. "I wouldn't have guessed those two songs could be mashed together, but I thought you did a really great job interlacing them in order to get your message across."

Quinn breathed out slowly as she watched Rachel's growing smile reach her trademark mega-watt status as her pristine white teeth peaked out from her soft perfectly shaped lips. Her lips had Quinn nearly transfixed as she realized several beats had passed since Rachel quietly and extremely shyly whispered out a 'thank you, Quinn' and she hadn't responded. She quickly looked down at her hands to regain her thought process, then slowly raked back up Rachel's legs until she reached her deep brown eyes still watching her carefully. "You look really nice today, too" she added softly. Again she had to suppress a giggle when Rachel's smile threatened to crack her jaw at the sheer magnitude of it. Silently Quinn congratulated herself for being the one responsible for such a joyous expression in the other girl. She drank the presence of Rachel in, finding herself very content to share this quiet moment with her.

Little did she realize that a very skeptical pair of eyes was watching the exchange very closely, just waiting to pounce the moment a chance presented itself. Unable to hold back any longer, Finn stalked toward the girls with a grimace on his face as his eyes caught Quinn's. Because she was still wrapped up in everything that was Rachel at that moment, her return stare was blank as she watched his expression quickly switch to a tacked-on smile as Rachel turned to look at him.

"You were great, Rach!" he said over enthusiastically. "You always are" he quickly added with a smirk to the blonde. With this, Quinn's eyes instantly narrowed as she easily deciphered that look as one of a challenge. Ok, so he has recognized her as an official participant in the quest for Rachel Berry's heart. This is ok, no reason to panic or attack.

Rachel for her part seemed oblivious to the looks the other two were giving each other as she brightly replied, "Thank you, Finn. That's very sweet." Finn smiled widely at her while smirking again at Quinn. She, on the other hand, noticed that though Rachel's smile was sincere it wasn't as big as the one she received just moments before. Oh yeah, she was definitely in this. It is so on. You're going down, Hudson.

2nd A/N: Songs used in this chapter: The First Taste by Fiona Apple, and How Can I Fall by Breathe - both can be heard on YouTube.


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Black Holes & Revelations 11/?

A/N: All the same rules apply that were listed in chapter 1, and all same sentiments from chapter 10.
Thank you to everyone who is supporting me and this fic - it means more than I can say!

Chapter 11

While Quinn was getting ready to meet Kurt, across town Rachel and Finn were sitting together in the choir room. Glee practice had been over for an hour but, as captains, Rachel insisted that Finn discuss Sectionals that were fast approaching and they needed to be fully prepared. They were now sitting in silence (Rachel deep in concentration) after going over, and mildly arguing about, her proposed set-list that she was planning on presenting to Mr. Schuester the following day.

Finn fumbled with his hands awkwardly in the seat next to her trying to decide if interrupting her would be a wise choice. He couldn't stand it any longer, and after taking one final glance at her he nervously half-turned towards the girl next to him. "Uh, Rachel?"

Not looking up from the sheet music and notebook sitting in her lap, she merely hummed in reply.

Finn looked at the girl, looked to his feet, then back to her again. "So uh, I was wondering..." he trailed off hoping to get more of her attention. He knew she was probably listening, but couldn't be completely sure seeing how her brow was furrowed in what seemed to be in deep contemplation. He wondered to himself about how anyone could get this caught up in music. After all it was just a show choir competition, not a Broadway show.

Rachel continued to stare at the papers in front of her with fierce concentration, but soon realized Finn had stopped talking. Not wanting to be rude, she folded her hands and placed them on top of the papers on her lap and turned towards the awkward boy next to her giving him all of her attention. "Yes Finn?" she asked brightly.

Though he was relieved to finally get her attention, now that he had it he wasn't sure how to proceed. He was pretty sure Rachel was still into him, and now that he was single they could maybe start going out. "I thought maybe we could have a go at it...?" He smiled his best lopsided grin, his puppy dog eyes shining while he searched her face for her reaction.

"Excuse me?" Her eyes were wide with disbelief for what he had just said. "Have a go at it?"

This wasn't exactly how he thought she'd react. "What I mean is, you know, maybe go out sometime. On a date. With me. Since I'm, you know, single now" he mumbled out still trying to figure out where he went wrong. He was sure she'd jump at the chance to go out with him since that seemed to be her goal for quite a while now.

After puffing out what sounded like a disgusted sigh, Rachel looked back at the papers in her lap. "While I am flattered that you want to 'have a go at it' with me, this is not exactly how I had hoped you'd ask me." She started to place everything in her bag sitting next to her as she continued, "I know we're still in high school, Finn, but that doesn't mean proper courting cannot still take place." The diva inside was quickly emerging within her as she stood with a huff and began to walk towards the door.

Finn quickly stood up nearly knocking his chair over as if someone had pushed him out of it once her words and actions suddenly startled him from the befuddlement he had found himself in. "Rachel, wait!" He stood in the middle of the room with his arms hanging unceremoniously by his sides.

Rachel paused by the door and turned slowly around with a disappointed glint in her eyes. "Yes Finn?" Her voice sounded bored as she peered at the boy in front of her.

"I'm sorry, I was just, I don't know - nervous...?" he offered as an explanation.

"Was that an answer or a question?" The diva's tone became more and more irritated with each word he expressed. "If this is how you first asked Quinn out I must say I'm at a loss for why she said yes."

Although now I realize why she said yes. She needed someone popular, and someone - a boy - that her parents would approve of. And let's not forget someone to help squash her feelings for me.

Rachel looked back at the boy who appeared dumbfounded in front of her. She did like him, but she wanted someone to ask her out because they were really enthusiastic about going out with her, not just because they were now single with a tone that was more of 'why not' rather than 'I want you'. She may have been outwardly confident in how she presented herself to the world, but inside she was just a girl who wanted some reassurance that she was worth having around. This sentiment was especially important, in Rachel's eyes, coming from a potential suitor.

Finn looked at a loss for words, opening and closing his mouth several times in an attempt to do a little damage control. He knew she could be a little sensitive, but he wasn't expecting her to be angry about his asking her out. Sure he wasn't the most romantic person in the world, but he did all right. Quinn never seemed to complain about it. Much. "Rach, I...I'm sorry...?" He was confused as to what to say, but thought he should start with an apology.

Rachel's shoulders slumped at his words as her gaze dropped to the floor in between them. "A question again." Sighing sadly to herself, she looked up into his eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow Finn." With that she walked out of the room leaving a still bewildered boy inside.

Quinn sat like a raging bundle of nerves at a back booth in the Lima Bean, her steaming mug of herbal tea clutched tightly in between her trembling hands. She was going to do it, she was going to out herself to someone. Sure it was only Kurt, gay himself, but it was still terrifying. Saying it out loud meant it was real, that this was really happening. "Rachel's worth it" she whispered to herself as she rocked gently back and forth.

"Who's worth it, and worth what may I ask?" she heard above her in a sing-song voice that could only belong to one person.

"Kurt!" Quinn breathed out in a startled tone. Why is everyone sneaking up on her today?

"The one and only" he cheekily replied as he slid into the seat across from her. "I apologize for being tardy. In my haste to get out the door I was just buckling up when I realized I hadn't remembered my glasses."

Quinn's face scrunched up with confusion. "Since when do you wear glasses?"

"Geek-chic my dear girl. Your text left me the impression this was going to be a momentous, yet most serious, occasion and I wanted to look the part." He smiled brightly at her as he sipped on his non-fat, low foam, extra shot of espresso cappuccino.

The blonde was unable to contain her amused smile that was spreading across her delicate features. "You sound like Rachel" she breathed out in a faraway sigh. This did not go unnoticed by the boy sitting across from her, and a small knowing smirk peaked out on his lips. Immediately noticing this, Quinn cleared her throat in a feeble attempt to side-step the situation.

Kurt could see what she was doing, and instead of pressing the subject he decided to let it go. For now. There would be time for that, but right now he needed to make her at ease so as not to scare her off from the reason he was here. "So how is my favorite teen queen?" he asked in a chipper voice as he took another sip of his drink.

Scoffing lightly, Quinn rolled her eyes, "Yeah hardly a queen anymore" she replied while over exaggerating and patting her pregnant belly. "But to answer your question, I'm fine. I guess. For the most part. I mean, under the current circumstances..." she trailed off.



"You're babbling."

"Right. Right, so uh. Yeah. How are you?" she asked with the same faraway tone.

"I'm doing well, thank you." Kurt smiled gently and with an enthusiastic fervor hoping it would transpire to the girl in front of him.

Instead Quinn looked around the coffee shop as if worried someone was watching them. "Right. I mean good" she mumbled almost to herself.

He watched her closely with a curious expression on his face, completely understanding her nerves. Still, this ball had to get rolling so he decided to give her a little push. "Soooo do you want to continue this uncomfortable exchange or should we talk about why you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes, yes, that would be good." Quinn absentmindedly nodded her head while staring down at her tea.

Kurt looked at her expectantly waiting for her to continue, elaborate, start crying - something, ANYTHING but become silent again. "Quinn, sweetie?" he quietly urged. She looked up at him with a blank stare, and he then turned his head up slightly with a bit of a nod in an attempt to get her talking. Nothing. "Honey this is where you start talking unless you want me to try and guess what you're thinking, and believe me, you don't want me to go traipsing around in your mind unguided" he added with a kind and humorous tone.

"Yeah, right I know. Uhm. Right, so. The text I sent you? About me possibly being a, uh, well."

Kurt nodded with a soft smile encouraging her to continue.

"So yeah, I think maybe I am. Or rather, I know I am." The blonde looked back down at her tea as though it was home base and she was safe there.

"And is there a love interest that has brought you to this revelation?" Kurt's smile grew with each word she uttered. This was very exciting for him to finally be talking to someone, in person, about 'the love that dare not speak its name'.

Without any hesitance she replied, "Yes."

His eyebrows went up with her quick response. "Would you care to elaborate, or should I start guessing?"

Quinn nodded for a couple of seconds before her thoughts caught up with her actions. "Uhm, I-its, well it's..."

Sensing her struggle and not wanting her to get scared off now that she was so close, Kurt decided to offer a bit of assistance. "Let me help. Is she around 5'2", long dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and can storm out with the best divas around?

Eyebrows shot into soft blonde hair. "How did you.."

"Know? Hmm, well number one, I have excellent gaydar, two you're incessant staring at her borderlines intrusive, and three you're supposed torturing of her is more like a 6th grade boy with a crush."

Quinn felt a bit of panic rise up in the pit of her stomach. "Do you think anyone else knows?"

"I doubt it. For one thing, despite her larger than life personality, I don't think people pay that close attention to Rachel. Also I think your pregnancy would've squashed any thoughts you might be playing for the other team pretty quickly."

"Aren't you wondering why I slept with Puck in the first place if I'm, well I'm..."

"You slept with him to either prove you weren't on my team, or to forget about Rachel, or perhaps a combination of both?" He tilted his head knowing at least one or all of the above was a winner.

"I guess I don't need to tell you."

"No, but I do have a question for you." She nodded for him to continue. "How did you figure out that you have feelings for her? I have to admit I thought you'd be married with a couple of kids before you came to terms with your sexuality."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Quinn huffed but couldn't help but understand where he was coming from. She was, after all, a typical Lima-loser in the making. Have it all in high school only too scared to venture out after. "Actually she made me realize it." His eyebrows rose into his hairline. "She cornered me by my locker a couple of weeks ago telling me she had figured out my 'secret'."


"Meaning she had figured out that the reason I've been tormenting her all these years is because I liked her. Like, like her like her."

"Oh dear, this really has turned you back into a grade schooler."

Quinn rolled her eyes while butting in on the boy's giggle. "ANYWAY." She stressed the word to get his attention back.

Still giggling, Kurt cleared his throat in an attempt to stop. "So I take it you do, like her like her." Quinn sat stone faced in front of him not at all amused by his teasing. Sensing it he changed his tone. "Are you sure? I mean, about her?"

Quinn got a faraway look on her face as she barely nodded. "Last night I had a dream we were at a school dance in the gym. There were gold stars hanging from the rafters, and navy blue streamers billowing everywhere. We were slow dancing in the middle of the floor as the lights dimmed. Mercedes was singing on stage - Don't Make Me Over was the song. I was aware there were other people on the dance floor, but they were all in a blurry haze. The only person I could see was Rachel." Her eyes flitted closed for a brief moment as she took in a deep breath. "I could smell her soft perfume, and I could feel her body up against mine, and her breath on my neck. As Mercedes sang the last few lines Rachel looked up at me with those sparkling deep brown eyes. She said she loved me and I leaned in to kiss her..."

By this time Kurt was completely enthralled in her romantic story, sitting forward in his seat as he hung on every word the blonde said. "And?" he urged.

Quinn's eyes blinked open at the harsh light of the coffee shop. "And then my alarm went off and woke me up before our lips met."

"Humph. I hate when that happens." He sat back in his seat taking her dream in. "Well, yes, I would say you have it very bad for Ms. Rachel Barbra Berry."

Quinn nodded in agreement. "That's kind of why I need your help."

"You want her."


"And you want me to help you get her."


"And you'd be willing to do anything I suggest?"

"Within reason." He cocked his head slightly to the side in question. "Yes" she resigned looking down at her tea. Quinn wanted Rachel, and she was willing to do what it took to get her. "Bring it on."


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