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February 2012

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Black Holes & Revelations 5/?

Brief A/N: My apologies to anyone who has been keeping up with this (remember I do have 13 chapters written thus far) I just got sidetracked and was unable to post sooner. 

I'm a little sad that I can't scare up more reviews/comments for this, but to those who have been giving me love I so very, very, very much appreciate it - you have no idea! Thank you!

Chapter 5

The morning after her dream Quinn was feeling strangely nervous. She found her hands shaking while she was brushing out her hair after her morning shower, and she couldn't tell if she was purposely moving her hand while brushing her teeth or if it was completely involuntary. Also, despite her growing baby bump her appetite was absolutely nonexistent. As she sat in the passenger seat of Finn's car she couldn't shake the brunette from her thoughts. It got to the point that Finn asked her several times if she was alright. Blaming it on morning sickness she just returned her stare time and again to out the window. After the third time of being asked she decided the silence on the way to school was unbearable so she flipped on the radio instead of answering Finn yet again. Though he thankfully got the hint, the music didn't help. Figures it would be a love song, Quinn thought as With or Without You by U2 was quietly playing in the background. At least it's not a mushy sappy love song, she considered as her mind delved unconsciously into the words.

"My hands are tied. My body bruised, she's got me with nothing to win and nothing left to lose. And you give yourself away, and you give, and you give yourself away. With or without you, I can't live with or without you…."

Quinn's heart ached as she sighed into the window. This song was worse than a mushy sappy love song. This was too true to her life right now. In the car she decided her plan was to lay low for the day and possibly skip glee. Being pregnant did have its advantage as it got her out of things without too much argument or question. She decided her plan for the day was to go to class, eat lunch, go to more classes and then go home. And most of all stay away from Rachel Berry.

By 3rd period she hadn't seen Rachel which was exactly what she was hoping for. The dream, however, refused to stay dormant. It had really shaken Quinn up and it continually reminded her why she needed some serious down time from the diva. Unfortunately this didn't stop her thinking about the brunette on a near constant basis throughout the day.

In every class Quinn found her thoughts wandering back to the dream. Though she was frustrated and angry during it, the overwhelming warmth and comfort that washed over her was truly inviting considering what an outsider she was feeling everywhere else. For the first time in several months she felt wanted, loved, and most of all accepted for who she is. When she had awoken from it, the early morning sun was just beginning to peak through the basement windows and bathed her in warm rays. While her subconscious was ready to board the Rachel Berry express, the rest of her was reeling against it. With everything she was going through right now, the absolute last thing she needed was to start dating the most annoying girl in school. Sure Santana and Brittany could get away with whatever they were up to because they were still popular and they were both Cheerios, but a knocked-up 16 year old former head cheerleader dating the pariah of McKinley High was not a good idea.

So instead of even considering the idea of going out with Rachel or admitting to any possible romantic feelings for her, Quinn decided to resort to something she was very comfortable with – detestation of the brunette. She didn't care if Rachel thought she could explain away her revulsion because deep down Quinn knew that's exactly what it was. Or at least that's what she kept telling herself. Immediately Quinn switched her thought process for the day, stuffing down the dream as far away as possible while she bubbled up all the frustration she was feeling into faux anger. By 6th period she was nearly steaming as she walked to her class. The blonde resorted to her thoughts prior to the dream and began wondering yet again what angle Rachel was working because despite what her heart was trying so hard to tell her, she had convinced herself that she didn't trust Rachel.

What could she possibly want? Quinn kept asking herself over and over until it became her mantra. Her status was not what it once was. Her fall from grace had been quick and painful, and she couldn't imagine what Rachel thought she could gain by trying to further destroy her already low status. Finn, that's what this has to be about. She wants Finn. Quinn's anger rose and fell throughout the rest of the day as she worked herself up with false disgust. If she were truly honest with herself Quinn knew that didn't want Finn, it just had become comfortable and safe. But she wasn't thinking about that now as she practically stormed down the hall at the end of the day. Quinn still didn't have any intention of going to glee, but she was going to track down Rachel and put an end to this once and for all.

Quinn knew the brunette wasn't through with her yet and it was only a matter of time before she was going to have to come face to face with the singer again. Rachel was not one to back down when she was passionate about something, and Quinn could tell that the brunette was passionate about whatever it was that she was up to. Since Rachel had been strangely illusive all day, not that Quinn was looking for her before this or anything, she was going to hunt down the brunette herself.

"What is your angle, Berry?" the blonde growled out as she slammed Rachel's locker nearly catching her fingers inside and eliciting a squeak from the shorter girl. Quinn couldn't stand it any longer. Having to sit in an abandoned library after school while listening to Rachel prattle on about her supposed feelings for said diva was one thing, but lying in wait for the girl to attack her once again was another. This time Quinn was going to be the one to do the surprise assault. "I'm waiting" she spoke again while she crossed her arms. She was about to start tapping her foot in irritation if the girl didn't start talking soon.

"Give me a moment, I'm trying to settle my heart" Rachel breathed out trying to calm down after being scared.

"Hmm, settle your heart, huh? Perhaps you're the one who has the hots for me if your heart starts pounding with my arrival." The blonde smirked. Two can play at this game.

Rachel looked up through long thick lashes, her big brown eyes fixing on hazel. For a very brief moment Quinn's breath hitched in her throat which did not go unnoticed by Rachel. Oh yes, the brunette was most definitely still in control of this, whatever this was.

"You scared me, Quinn. Anyone's heart would race after being snuck up on."

Quinn attempted her best eye role but failed to intimidate the diva. "Whatever you say, Berry. Now, answer my question. What are you up to?"

Smiling inwardly, Rachel turned back to her locker as though nothing had just happened. "I'm not up to anything, Quinn, just trying to get my song list and sheet music for glee."

Scowling behind her Quinn spat out, "Stop playing dumb, stubbles, you know what I'm talking about."

"Now Quinn, what have I said about your silly little nicknames for me" Rachel said as she turned in one fluid perfect movement. "They are merely a way to cover up your real feelings for me..."

"That! That's what I'm talking about!" Quinn practically yells as she interrupts the shorter girl while pointing a finger at her. "I figured it out! You're trying to drive me crazy so you can have Finn. Well I'm telling you right now, Rachel Berry, you can't have him! It doesn't matter what you say, you're not going to take him away from me!"


"No, Rachel! This little dance of yours is not going to distract me anymore from what you're really up to. Finn is not interested in you, he was never interested in you, and he's never going to be interested in you. He's in love with me, and I'm in love with..."


"NO! I'm not in love with you, I don't care what you say or what "evidence" you think you have. Get this through your thick, obnoxious, overly inflated head once and for all. I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU!" By the end of her rant Quinn was nearly panting and had attracted a few strange stares from nearby onlookers.

Rachel slowly looked around also noticing the stares and not wanting to have to explain what was really going on, she decided to opt for an easy way out. "We're practicing something for glee club" she explained to the students still gawking at them in the hall. This explanation seemed to appease the curious as they rolled their eyes and began to go back to what they were doing. Turning her attention back to the taller girl she was about try and calm a near belligerent ex-Cheerio when she was sharply cut off.

"I'm going to say this one more time to you and you better listen closely. I don't have any feelings for you other than extreme contempt so stop with your outrageously ridiculous brainless crap about me having some hidden desire for you other than your ultimate demise." By this time Quinn was nearly snarling at the brunette. Lowering her voice and stepping into Rachel's bubble for her final power play she sneered as she finished, "Once more, stay the hell away from the father of my unborn child. He's mine." Feeling satisfied, well sort of, Quinn turned on her heels and practically stomped off down the hall completely missing the equally satisfied smirk on Rachel's face.

"Aren't you coming to glee?" she yelled down the hall to a retreating blonde. Without stopping, Quinn just twisted her arm around her body and flicked the shorter girl off with her middle finger eliciting a small giggle from the brunette as she closed her locker and nearly skipped down the hall towards the choir room. Oh yeah, this definitely wasn't over yet.



Great to see you updated!! ;o) Oh Rachel your driving the poor girl insane & it's great lol. Loved the use of U2's 'With or without you' it really suites where Quinn's head is at the moment.
Great update thanks!!!
Ok, this is sad I know - but I had written this chapter so long ago I had forgotten I had even made a reference to With or Without You. :-S
So glad you liked the chapter!