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February 2012

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alex/paige, palex

Say it Again 3/6

The rest of the day passed without much event, and the new couple finally found each other free for the day. They walked hand in hand on their way to the bus stop, Paige going on nonstop about Spirit Squad and how Darcy, Manny, and Hazel had all acted weird about the news concerning their budding romance.

"I just don't get what their issue is! I mean, they could care less who everyone else dates and yet I proclaim that you and I are dating and suddenly I'm this big freak!" Paige huffed in an exasperated sigh of disgust.

"Just give them time, I'm sure they will come around" Alex soothed as she lightly rubbed Paige's hand with her thumb. Despite the fact that the blonde had practically ran up to her at the end of school, she was still a little worried that Paige would only take this treatment from her friends and enemies for so long. "I know things are rough now, but I'm sure it will get better with time" it was almost more of a question than a statement, and the other girl caught on.

"Don't worry, hun, you are more than worth going through this for" she cooed while giving the hand in hers a reassuring squeeze. They smiled at each other for a moment, caught up in the feeling of new love.

"How about we go to the park for a while before heading over to my apartment?" Alex urged, while pulling Paige off in another direction away from the bus stop.

Sensing something was up, yet not wanting to turn her girlfriend down for a bit of cuddling in the park, Paige readily accepted. "Sure!"

They walked in comfortable silence through the trees and benches until they found a quiet place away from the rest of the park goers. After giving Paige a serious case of puppy dog eyes, the blonde finally gave in and agreed to sit on the ground instead of a bench. Noticing her extreme concern about getting grass stains on her pants, Alex couldn't help but laugh to herself and finally patted her lap for Paige to sit down.

"I'll crush your legs," she said as she looked down into the brown eyes gazing back up at her.

Alex in turn rolled her eyes saying, "Oh please, you are not going to crush my legs. Now just sit." Gingerly she lowered herself into her girlfriend's lap and felt her favorite arms wrap around her waist, and she easily melted into the touch while leaning back into Alex's form.

"Mmm, this is nice. I wish every day could end like this."

"The day isn't over yet," Alex mumbled into Paige's hair as she rested her chin on her shoulder and breathed in her scent which was a combination of shampoo, lip gloss, and perfume.

Smiling happily she simply stated, "You got me there."

"I got you here too," she said as she gently pulled her girlfriend's hair to the side and kissed the same love spot she had created the afternoon before.

With a giddy laugh Paige replied, "You can be so cute when you want to be."

"Nuh uh!" Alex protested into the blonde's neck.

"Yeah huh!" she giggled. "I like it. It looks good on you."

"You'd look good on me too..."


"Sorry, it just popped out!" now it was her turn to start laughing at the startled blonde in her lap. "Still think I'm cute?"

Grumbling in mock protest, she just leaned further into her girlfriend's lips as they continued their admiration of her increasingly flushed skin. With thoughts of their liaisons just 24 hours earlier, she finally couldn't stand it any longer, and turned in Alex's arms and kissed her passionately practically pushing her to the ground in the process. Alex's eyebrows first went up in surprise as Paige pushed into her with such fervor, but she quickly regained herself and pressed back with equal fire. It wasn't until they heard people walking by that they finally broke apart, both breathing heavily and smiling wildly into each other's eyes with only a small space between them. Alex knew this was her moment, "You remember the conversation we were having this morning?"

Paige knew exactly where Alex was going with this question, but in an effort to distract her she went back into her previous position of leaning into her and instead decided to bring up a different conversation. "You mean the one where I asked you if you would consider moving to Kingston with me if I get into Banting?" She couldn't see her girl rolling her eyes, but she knew that was exactly what she was doing as she felt her practically flop her chin back onto her shoulder.

"Uh, no, that would not be the conversation I was talking about."

"Well have you given it any thought? I think it would be a lot of fun to get a cozy little place together " she interjected before Alex could continue.

"Paige, you asked me just this morning in class. When was I supposed to be giving it any thought? And besides, that's months away."

"You don't think we'll still be together by graduation?" she nervously asked as she put her hands over the top of Alex's while intertwining their fingers and pulling them closer to her.

Sighing and pulling her body in closer she replied, "That's not what I mean, and anyway you might be completely sick of me by then."

This time it was Paige's turn to roll her eyes, "Please, for me - think about it?"

"I'll think about it if we can continue the conversation I was talking about before you tried to distract me."

"What exactly do you want to talk about? You're still wondering if I have thought about what our first time together will be like?" She could feel Alex's chin move up and down signaling she was saying yes. "Fine, but you promise you'll think about Kingston?" She felt her chin go up and down again. Taking in a deep breath, she said in a very quite and shy voice, "I have."


I don't know if this is going to annoy you or not if I keep commenting on past chapter you've written. But I did promise!

So I love, love, loved this. <3 :D It was super cute and adorable and fluffy. It's the best kind of fic. ;)

Keep this going! It's awesome!
Thank you so much!
The whole fic is now posted in my journal - just 6 chapters, but I have a longer Palex fic (14 chapters) that eventually I will get posted in here. I wrote it after they broke up the first time.
That's awesome! :D I'm so going to go read it now. ;) I can't wait to see that longer fic. I hope it's not all sad though, since you say that you wrote it after they broke up... I'm sure it'll be great anyways. :)

Well, I'm off to read your amazing posts now!