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February 2012

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alex/paige, palex

Say it Again 5/6

Chapter 5

The girls were able to get Alex's things together for the week without running into her mom or Chad. In a way, Paige was somewhat disappointed about this because she was still fuming with anger when they arrived at the apartment, and she was rather hoping to share a piece of her mind with the man who had hurt her girlfriend, and the woman who refused to defend her. Alex, on the other hand, felt as though she hadn't taken in a breath until they had gotten back on the bus headed for Paige's house. She had a feeling that the blonde was wanting a confrontation, and was so relieved when nothing happened.

Before leaving the apartment, Alex left her mother a note that simply stated:


Staying somewhere safe for the week.


She knew the vagueness of the note might hurt her, but at the same time, her mom must realize how much last night had hurt her.

Not much was said on the way to Paige's house. They simply sat in tense silence, both with so much on their minds. Despite the fear she had just faced at her apartment, Alex's mind couldn't help but stray to the blonde sitting next to her.

I don't understand her. All of this crap I'm going through, why would she want to be thrown into the middle of it? Why doesn't she just tell me that all of this is too much reality for her, and leave? Why does she even like me?

Her eyes searched over the girl's face for answers, but instead she just saw all that was Paige - the girl she was fast falling in love with.

As Alex nervously sat on Paige's bed, she could hear three faint voices floating up to the room. Though she couldn't hear the whole conversation, every once in a while she would hear a sentence or two. At one point she heard Paige's mother ask, "Where is she going to sleep?" Alex couldn't hear the answer, but she heard something about Dylan's room, and secretly her heart sank. She was rather hoping to get some bed cuddling in with Paige, if for no other reason than for comfort and the feeling of safety. She also wondered if Paige was telling them about their new relationship. That would not only make a huge difference of whether they let her stay, but also where she sleeps.

She had been tensely sitting in her girlfriend's room, fidgeting, for nearly 15 minutes before she heard footsteps on the stairs. Soon the blonde's flushed face appeared in the doorway. She flopped down on the bed next to Alex, and kissed her lightly on the lips. "It's all set."

"I can stay?" Paige gleefully nodded. "Really?"

"Really!" Alex leaned in and kissed her favorite lips.

"You're amazing" she sighed in relief.

"Yeah I know. It just saddens me to think you even doubted me for a second" she teased while putting her arm around Alex's waist.

"Well I've learned my lesson never to doubt you again."

"Good. So, we should get you settled. There is a place in my bathroom for your toothbrush and such, and you can hang your clothes in my closet, and I'll make you a spot in one of my drawers..."

"I know what other set drawers you can make room for me in" Alex mumbled under her breath as she watched Paige bend over in front of her.

"Alex!" Paige immediately stood back up and swiped at her, while Alex easily stepped out of the line of fire and started laughing. "See, this is why you will be sleeping in Dylan's room for the week."

"Damn, so I didn't hear wrong?" it was more of a deflated statement than a question.

"You could hear us downstairs?"

"Not really, but every once in a while I could hear a few words, and I heard Dylan's name mentioned so I just figured it was where I would be sleeping." Paige just nodded as she continued finding places for Alex's things, and being very aware of the dark-brown eyes that were following her every move. "So...Did you tell your parents about us? I mean, I understand if you didn't, but I was just curious cuz I wondered how straight I should be around you when we're around them..." she just trailed off as Paige turned around to look at her, a smile tugging at her lips.

"I did."

"Seriously?" Alex couldn't believe it, as Paige nodded enthusiastically. "So I'm guessing by the smile on your face that it must have gone ok?"

"Actually, they had figured it out."

Alex looked dumbstruck. "How! Had you hinted or something?"

"No, I hadn't hinted, or rather, not on purpose anyway. Apparently I had been talking about you non stop, and apparently I sounded a lot like I did when I was first crushing on Spinner and Matt."

"And how long had this been going on before we hooked up?" Alex laughed, deliciously unbelieving this new revelation.

"I don't know exactly, but from they way they acted I've been doing it for quite a while." Paige blushed despite trying her best to seem unfazed by Alex's stunned yet defiant look. "Oh stop your smirking, you were so into me long before I was even thinking about being into you."

Alex started laughing, no longer being able to hold it in. "You've liiiiiiiiiiiiked me for a long time."

"Oh shut up!" She grabbed a pillow off her bed and threw at her giggling girlfriend, which turned out to be just the sort of invitation the raven haired girl needed.

Alex grabbed Paige by the waist and pulled her down onto the bed, and immediately tried to pin her arms. Despite her best efforts, Paige found herself on her back being straddled with her arms pinned above her head. She stared into pools of chocolate, dotted with two increasingly dilating pupils.

"Gotcha!" They were both breathing pretty heavily from the struggle and excitement of so much touching. "Of course, I already had you." Alex smirked at her victory over the blonde.

Paige's mind suddenly flooded with flashes of the worst night of her life, yet she tried her best to remain calm and make a joke, hoping Alex wouldn't notice the change in her. "Yeah, yeah - you had me at hello, now get off of me" she said as she struggled to get out from underneath Alex. She was also trying desperately to hold back the memories and feelings she had worked so hard to forget. Dean. Not a person she wanted to ever be reminded of again, and definitely not by someone she cared so deeply about.

Alex saw the change in her face, and immediately moved off of her. "Paige, I'm sorry. I, I..."

"Thank you." Paige practically jumped off the bed and across the room, brushing at her clothes as if she could also brush away the memories swarming in her head. "I was just about to threaten you with not tucking you in if you didn't get off of me." Paige tried to pretend as though nothing was really wrong, but Alex could see she was visibly shaken.

"Paige, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel..."

But the blonde cut her off by saying, "Its ok. Really. I don't want to talk about it." She quickly went back to putting things away, while Alex looked on helplessly.

Great Alex, just great. She thought to herself as she stood up to help Paige, all the while doing her best not to touch her in the process. I'm freaking out that I might lose her because of other people, and yet here I am doing a great job of ruining this myself. I'm such an idiot!

They worked in silence, neither looking at each other so Alex didn't see the tears welling up in her girlfriend's eyes. Without a word, Paige walked over to her and wrapped her arms as tightly as she could around her slender form. Though it surprised her, Alex instantly returned the hug, holding onto her as if she was going to break at any moment.

"I'm sorry I freaked out" Paige whispered so quietly Alex could barely hear her.

"No, Paige - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do anything to frighten you. I would never do anything to hurt you. I'm so sorry."

"Shh..." Paige quieted her by gently placing her fingertips to Alex's lips, then captured them with hers. "I know you wouldn't. I trust you. I really do." She kissed her again, reassuring her new love that it was ok, and would be ok.

They held each other for a few more moments before Paige smiled, signaling things were getting back to normal. "Ok, let's finish up in here and then head downstairs for dinner so the 'rents can ask you a thousand questions and make you feel incredibly uncomfortable."

"Sounds great" Alex stated sarcastically, but in reality, having a regular dinner with people who weren't going to be screaming and throwing things at each other sounded like heaven.



Man, you are just gettin' into the sad stuff now. :P First Alex's troubles at home now Paige's troubles with her past. But, it was still good for the story. You wrote it great, by the way. :)

Can't wait to read the next and final chapter! :D