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February 2012

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Faberry fic

Poll #1789862 New Faberry fic

Which of the following scenarios would you rather read?

Choice 1
Choice 2


I was trying to upload the rest of what this is supposed to be but had issues with LJ and then had to go back to work. Did an alert go out that I posted the poll? I have no clue as to how LJ works...
LOL - well I'm glad you like the choices. I guess you're like Rachel and you're a little bit psychic too. :-D
Oh Rachel... I'd so like to see her try to explain to the psychic that she already knows Finn is the person she's supposed to be with because she's a little psychic too :)
Love your profile pic! I LOVED Lea in her uniform - so adorable!

I would read them both...but choice number two is a tad more intriguing. I am not such a big Finn Fan so seeing him in the synopsis may deter me a little also.
I hear you about Finn - I didn't mind him so much in the first season, but by the second season I couldn't stand him. If it makes you feel any better, he wouldn't be around much in either fic nor would he be shown in a very good light either.


I think you should do both they both seem awesome.

Re: Both

I do plan on writing both as I am completely absorbed in Faberry - love them so much. I'm just having a hard time trying to decide which one to do first. Love your profile pic - Lea and Dianna make such a gorgeous 'couple'.
How about both? Both sound awesome and I'd definitely read both so if possible you should give it a shot! :D
Very good to know you'd read both! I do plan on writing both, I just don't know which one to start with...
Hmm I see from your other replies that you're not sure about which Quinn she'd be pursuing yet right? So why not write the first story first! (boy was that awkward phrasing or what?!)
I like both options & would read either or both if you do them, though I think that the first one is a little more unique as far as plots go.
I'm so happy to know you'd read either or both! I plan to write both, but its a matter of figuring out which one to start with.
So you are doing both right?! And this is just a poll to determine which order you write them in?

That sounds like a wonderful plan ;).

But seriously, do both. 'kay bye.
LOL - yes, actually you are right. I am planning on doing both it was just a matter of figuring out which one to do first. Love your profile pic - she's so hot in that pic!
i think the first choice would be really funny ! especially if the quinn she's trying to woo is the bitch!pink!quinn
I hadn't decided which Quinn she would be wooing, but I do find pink!quinn really hot....
More than erotic dreams can make happy, the first one is just SO ORIGINAL... But, pleaase, pleaseee sex dreams in this one too. And Quinn and Rachel having Faberry fun. lol
sorry about taking so long to respond. sex dreams in both? hmm, that could be arranged....
p.s. - there is a snippet scene of the psychic Faberry fic at the end of my latest chapter of Black Holes & Revelations.....