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February 2012

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alex/paige, palex

Say it Again 6/6

Chapter 6

After a slightly uncomfortable dinner, the Michalchuk's suggested they all watch a movie together. Paige and Alex were both hoping to be able to have some alone time, but there really wasn't any way to say no.

After much discussion between Paige and her parents, they finally settled on a film. Alex didn't care one way or another, she was more concerned about wanting to cuddle with her girlfriend but not wanting to do so in front of her parents.

As it turned out, that decision was also made for her. After she had popped the DVD in, Paige sat down next to Alex, grabbed her arm, and put it around her snuggling in comfortably as Alex sat stiffly next to her.

"Would you relax, they don't care" the blonde whispered to her, but Alex was still having a hard time loosening up. It also didn't help that Paige was mindlessly rubbing her arm with her thumb, which was driving Alex crazy.

She didn't think it was possible, but the length of the movie almost seemed to last longer than dinner. Though she didn't have to answer any questions such as, what are your plans for college or what do you think you might major in - those she was used to because of Paige, but having to be that close to her girlfriend and not really being able to touch her was absolute torture. Sweet torture, but torture never the less.

After an excruciating hour and forty-seven minutes, (she was keeping track of the time) they were finally able to head up to Paige's room. Alone.

"How could you stand sitting there all that time?" Alex asked in a huge sigh of relief as she fell onto the blonde's bed.

"What do you mean?" she asked as she sat down next to her, and gently smoothed her silky raven hair behind her ear.

Alex just gazed up at her, getting lost for a moment in those gorgeous green eyes before finally asking, "Didn't you wish we were watching the movie by ourselves so we could actually be ourselves?" She thought for a moment while looking up at Paige, feeling so at peace while the blonde looked down at her with a bemused look on her face while being able to see the inner workings of her girlfriend's mind.

Alex got a far away look on her face as she turned to stare at nothing, feeling suddenly vulnerable and inward. Finally she started again, "I dunno, maybe its just cuz they are your 'rents and I'm so worried about wanting them to like me since I care about you so much and I don't want to give them any reason to want you to stay away from me..."



"You're babbling."

She turned back to look up at Paige, "Then why don't you do something to shut me up?" Alex raised her eyebrows up and down.

Paige laughed, "You really have a one track mind, don't you?"

"When I'm around you, yes. I can't help it."

"Good thing I find that endearing in you" she said as she leaned down to kiss Alex.

What was meant to be a simple kiss of affection soon turned passionate. Hands began to wander, lips began to travel, and two bodies found each other pressed tightly together.

"Paige, we shouldn't" Alex breathed heavily, as Paige worked to tear her hoodie off while kissing her collarbone.

"What? Why? I thought this is what you wanted?" she huskily breathed back while continuing her attack on Alex's neck.

"It is, believe me, it is. It's just..." regardless of what her mind was telling her, her body kept talking louder, and she trailed off forgetting what she was saying.

After a few moments, Paige finally remembered that Alex was saying something, "It's just what?"

"What's what?" With the help of her girlfriend's talented hands and lips, she was suddenly drawing a blank.

"You were saying something about why we shouldn't be doing this." Paige reminded her while she slipped one of her hands slightly under Alex's tank top causing the other girl to suddenly inhale deeply.

"I was?"

"Yeah, but I'm being a little distracting."

"You're being a lot distracting." She in turn slipped her hand up and into Paige's shirt, caressing and pulling at the flesh on her back.

"So why shouldn't we be doing this?"

"I have no idea" she let escape before pulling Paige into another heated kiss.

Suddenly Alex sat straight up, practically throwing her girlfriend off of the bed. "What was that!"

Surprised and stunned Paige asked, "What was what? I didn't hear anything."

She moved back in to kiss her, but Alex pulled back saying, "It sounded like your parents."

Paige paused for a moment, listening. "I don't hear anything, I think you're just being paranoid."

"Yeah well it would look pretty bad if they came in here and saw me groping their daughter on her bed."

"You don't hear their daughter complaining do you?" Alex just looked at her with a slightly irritated look. "Its not as if they haven't already figured that there is a high possiblity that that's what we're up to in here."

"Oh god, do you think?" Alex stressfully ran her fingers through her hair.

Paige lightly laughed, she couldn't help it. Alex looked so damn adorable at that moment. "I'm glad you're ejoying my freaking out" the raven haired girl tensely replied.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, you just look incredibly cute right now."

"Oh well I didn't realize that stress is what turned you on, otherwise I would have tried this months ago."

Paige laughed again. "Alex, hun, stop worrying. They've probably gone to bed already." She began to run her hand up and down the girl's arm, which was calming her down with every gentle caress.

"Without checking on us first?" she asked unbelieving and still a bit paranoid.

"I'm not twelve."

"Exactly my point. You're eighteen. And upstairs. Alone. With your girlfriend."

"So let's not waste the moment" the blonde seductively answered while placing the hand that was so tenderly stroking her arm, and placed it on at the edge of Alex's tank top, and slipped a few fingers inside it while teasing the skin on her waist.

She closed her eyes for a moment, but her mind was still trying to protest. "But...Paige...I..."

"Alex, please shut up and put your hands on me."

Her eyes flew open, and she found herself staring into two darkening pools of green that were filled with desire. She pulled Paige into a hungry kiss, and eased her back onto her body.

After several heated moments of hands, and lips, and bodies, Alex pulled back.

"What is it, sweetie?" the blonde asked breathlessly.

"Paige. I have to tell you something" she answered, getting very quiet and shy.

The other girl could hear the seriousness in her voice, and rolled onto her side giving her girlfriend her complete attention. "What is it?" she asked nervously.

Alex looked away for a second, took in a deep breath, then looked deep into her eyes. "Paige. I-I love you." It was so quiet, the blonde could barely hear it.

Her lips curved into a sweet smile as the words wrapped around her. She didn't say anything for a moment as she simply took in the moment, wanting to savor it - memorize it.

Despite the melted look on Paige's face, Alex suddenly felt insecure with her feelings being so raw and out there. "You don't have to say it back, I wasn't expecting you to. And I don't want you to say it if you don't mean it, that would be worse than not saying it. Its just, I've never said it to anyone before and you, and this relationship mean a lot to me, and so I wanted you to be the first I said it to..."

Paige silenced her by kissing her sweetly. "I love you too, Alex."

She felt a sudden rush of relief, joy, excitement - everything fantastic, and her wide grin revealed her emotions. "Really?"

Paige kissed her deeper this time, then softly drew back, "Really."

Alex wrapped her arms around Paige, wanting to thank her, but not being able to say anything else. They held each other for several moments, reveling in what had just happened. It felt like a miracle to Alex.

They began to lightly kiss, just enjoying the softness of each other's lips and the closeness of each other. Their minds running around in thoughts, Paige finally broke the silence. "Alex?"


"Say it again."

The End


Awww, this was adorable! I totally loved this chapter and the whole story in general. Great job! :)

I can't wait to keep reading your stuff, especially that new Degrassi fic you told me about. ;)

See you soon.
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! It was the first fanfic I had ever written so I hope I've gotten better since then. My other Palex fic is considerably more angsty, but I promise that unlike the show I actually put them back together.
So far I've only ever written one thing that had an unhappy ending - I don't care for them otherwise, at least not in my own writing. However I did start writing a Palex musical fic that I had a unhappy ending planned out. Since Glee came along, however, that fic has been on permanent hiatus.
Not that I'm stalk-like or anything, I see you partook in my new Faberry fic poll and picked both choices... :-D
Your welcome so much! Everything I said was true, I loved it. :)

LoL That's not stalk-like at all... ;P But yes, I did vote in the poll for both. I just liked both of them and I thought that you could write either one really well. (If you end up doing both I wouldn't object.) ;) But whatever you choose I know it'll be awesome.
Aww, thank you so much - I appreciate it!
I plan to write both (I don't know if I will get them both done before writing another chapter of my other Faberry fic) but I just couldn't decide which one to start with.
Yay! I can't wait to read them. :D