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February 2012

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New Faberry fic...?

As a way to break up all of my school work, I have a couple of new Faberry fics in mind that are to be fun and not angsty. For those who are following it, I will finish Black Holes & Revelations, but right now I’m stuck on chapter 14. I know where I want to take it, have it all planned out, but this next chapter is a hurtle to get over.

If you were perusing a Faberry fic synopsis, which one would grab your eye more:

1) Rachel receives a message from a psychic that if she is to be truly successful in her future career she must find her true love first. Thinking that’s Finn, she tries to explain to the psychic that she's already with her true love to which the psychic tells her that the one she is currently with is not the one she is destined to be with. Eventually she figures out that it’s Quinn and then has to convince Quinn that they are soul mates.

2) Rachel begins having a series of erotic dreams about Quinn that make her more than a little curious. Trusting in Kurt to give her advice, she tells him about her dreams and he tells her that she may have a shot with the blonde. Convinced that she could probably woo Quinn into at least experimenting (because as a future actress, Rachel really should prepare herself for a whole host of different possible roles) she finds that she is developing real feelings for Quinn and vice versa.

Neither one of them will be (too) heavy or angsty and more just fun, fluffy, and cracky. I plan to keep the characters relatively close to who they are, but with some liberties for my fic purposes to push the story along. I do plan to write both of them, (eventually) but I don't know which one to start with first.

Since I'm new to polls and I'm having a hell of a time getting it to work in the same posting as this, please use the following link to cast your vote:



Hiya I really want to see what happens with black holes, but understand your predicament with your block & I believe you want to finish it, & I will read it when you do ;o)
As for this poll, my vote goes to the Rachel visiting the psychic one, maybe as a one shot, so we all get a quick fix!!! Lol
I really want to see what happens with Black Holes too, lol. Technically I know what is going to happen, but inevitably something always takes place in my fics that I wasn't originally planning. Those girls, I tell ya...
Whichever crack fic I choose it won't be a one shot (unless its a very long one shot) but it won't be a long series...or at least I'm not planning on either one to be.
I really liked the first idea. It could either be a one shot or a long ass story, but either one you decide write will no doubt be amazing :]
lol, well I can guarantee two things - 1)neither will be a one shot cuz I just don't think the girls (Quinn & Rachel of course) will allow it, and 2) I don't plan on either being a long series either since I still have my other Faberry fic (Black Holes & Revelations) to finish.
Thank you for your interest, and I love your profile pic!
Perfect! And thanks :]