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February 2012

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A/N: Hello everyone - long time no see, I know. I beg your forgiveness! I have this story completely planned out, but a statistics/probability class came between me and my 'Revelations'.

I had a poll that lasted briefly asking for people to choose which of two Faberry fics would catch their eyes if they stumbled upon them. The choices were:

1) Rachel receives a message from a psychic that if she is to be truly successful in her future career she must find her true love first. Thinking that its Finn, she tries to explain to the psychic that she's already with her true love to which the psychic tells her that the one she is currently with is not the one she is destined to be with. Eventually she figures out that it's Quinn and then has to convince Quinn that they are soul mates.

2) Rachel begins having a series of erotic dreams about Quinn that make her more than a little curious. Trusting in Kurt to give her advice, she tells him about her dreams and he tells her that she may have a shot with the blonde. Convinced that she could probably woo Quinn into at least experimenting (because as a future actress, Rachel really should prepare herself for a whole host of different possible roles) she finds that she is developing real feelings for Quinn and vice versa.

Neither one of them will be (too) heavy or angsty and more just fun, fluffy, and cracky. I plan to keep the characters relatively close to who they are, but with some liberties for my fic purposes to push the story along. I will continue 'Black Holes' at the same time, I just needed something fun to play with.
The results of the poll (I didn't realize people could vote for both) had a slight edge to the first choice so that is what I'm starting with. At the end of this chapter I have a sampling of a scene of it for anyone who may be interested.

As always, THANK YOU so very much for your comments - you melt my heart!

Chapter 14

For nearly an hour Kurt and Quinn worked out the details for her next plan of action. They finally decided that because Finn would no doubt use all of the information that he was (perhaps) unwisely given to him, it would be better to do something completely different in order to set herself apart from him in the eyes of Rachel. Knowing full well that Finn would sing a song by The Killers during glee practice, more than likely the very next day, Kurt convinced the blonde that waiting until after the boy played his next move would be a much better use of her time. That way not only could she adjust her plan (if need be), but also it then wouldn't turn into a mess revolving all around Finn and Quinn and less about who it was supposed to be about - Rachel.

The two realized that Finn would no doubt turn this into a competition, and though to some extent it was, if the focus became more about their petty bickering and less about the diva herself it would stand to reason that Rachel wouldn't want to have anything to do with either of them as a result. The goal, after all, was to win the heart of Rachel not to drive her away with childish behavior. Kurt had also brought up a good point that if Quinn were to take the high road it would be much more appealing in the eyes of the brunette as they both knew that she found maturity to be a valuable trait in people, especially one she would consider dating.

Though her next moves would certainly include the mash-up Kurt had carefully put together, he had proposed a much scarier project: Have an actual conversation with Rachel Berry. The idea both excited and terrified Quinn. She knew that to have a relationship with Rachel also included having to talk to her, but the thought made her feel like a 13 year old boy who was talking to the girl he liked since kindergarten. Quinn kept repeating the tips Kurt had told her she needed to keep in mind while talking to the other girl: Be charming, show interest, complement her, and above all - be genuine.

Though there were certainly things Quinn wanted to talk to the brunette about, topics of actual conversation were escaping her as her nerves were starting to get the better of her the more she thought about it. Should she apologize for her horrible behavior towards Rachel in the past? Should she let that go for the time being and act as though they've been friends forever? Should she shower the other girl with compliments? It would be inline with being genuine because she really would mean every word she said. As if reading her thoughts, her phone buzzed indicating she had received a new text.

Kurt: Stop stressing - let her set the pace of the conversation. We both know Rachel won't have a problem talking, so let her take the reins.

She smiled at the small screen.

Quinn: Yes master.

It only took a few seconds for a reply.

Kurt: I like the sound of that. You may call me that from now on.

Quinn giggled to herself and tossed her phone on the bed then turned back to her makeshift desk. Though she wanted to do nothing more than to continue to pace back and forth thinking more about her impending conversation with Rachel, she really did need to get some homework done. As she opened her chemistry book and turned on her laptop she heard what sounded like stomping coming down the hall towards her room. Without warning the door burst open with an irritated Latina on the other side. Coming up quickly behind her was Brittany with a flustered Puck who was mumbling something about not disturbing the pregnant beast without offerings of food.

"Shut it, Puckerman. You and I both know you want answers as much as I do so just sit down and keep quiet" Santana hissed.

The mohawked boy quickly took a seat as ordered, not wanting to tick off Santana any more than she already appeared to be. After all, he did want to know what was going on between his baby mamma and his fellow Jew. There had been more sparks crackling between them in just a short amount of time in that choir room than there ever had been between Rachel and Finn. Inquiring minds had been more than peaked as a result because there were so many questions swirling around in everyone's minds.

"Santana and Brittany, to what do I owe this most pleasant surprise?" Quinn said in a faux chipper voice knowing full well what brought them by.

The brunette scoffed. "Save it tubbers, you know very well why I'm here so start talking" she stated while sitting down on the blonde's bed and crossing her arms as she did so. Brittany smiled genuinely and started playing with things on her desk.

Quinn took a deep breath in, sat further back in her seat, crossed her arms, and smiled sweetly. "What do you want to know?"

Rolling her eyes, Santana sat forward on the bed and squinted at Quinn. "Ever-y-thing."

"Such as?" the blonde asked sweetly. "And please roll your eyes back in your head."

Santana furthered her narrow gaze. "Okaaaaaay. Such as when did you start liking Berry let alone start lusting over her? Since when has she liked you back let alone start staring at you like she's imagining you two running through a field hand in hand while singing some sappy overused love song? And most importantly, why the hell does twinkle toes know about this new development and not me?"

"Awe, San - you're jealous" Quinn cooed in pleasure. "That's so sweet." From her spot next the blonde, Brittany agreed with both statements. "You're so cute." With this statement Brittany nodded even more enthusiastically while looking adoringly at the brunette.

Santana grunted while sitting back on the bed. "In your lezzy wet dreams, preggers, now just answer the questions."

Smirking Quinn quietly replied, "Whatever you say." Santana huffed. The blonde took in a deep breath. She knew there was no way to get out of this conversation, and though she would've preferred to have it later, she decided to just put it all on the table and be done with it. If Santana was going to blunt, so would she. Get it over with like ripping off a band-aid.

"In regards to your pointed questions, not that I expected any less coming from you, I think I've always liked Rachel, I just didn't want to admit it because I was so worried about being popular. As far as lusting after her, I don't consider it lusting but rather something much deeper, and I don't know when exactly it happened. I think I've felt this way since I met her." Brittany had a dreamy look on her face, Puck sat forward looking as though he was seconds away from asking her something perverted, and Santana looked like she was about to gag. Quinn noticed all of the different expressions and chose to ignore them all except Brittany who she smiled widely at.

"As far as Rachel is concerned, I can't answer for her but I can tell you I've been trying to take steps to make up for all the shit I've put her through all these years and show her that I'm worth taking a chance on." Brittany sighed happily while sitting down next to the brunette and linking their pinkies together. Puck nodded as he recognized the moony look in Quinn's eyes as the same that he looked at her which told him everything that he needed to know regarding his lingering feelings for his baby mamma. She didn't feel the same way about him and he was going to have to let her go.

Upon the presence of Brittany next to her, Santana melted a little taking the bite out of her bark. "And Hummel?"

Quinn smiled to herself thinking about her new found friendship in him. "The reason why Kurt knows about this is because he's been helping me sort out my feelings and figure out how to proceed with Rachel. And before you yell at me for not coming to you," Quinn began, seeing the look Santana was giving her indicating she was just moments away from scolding her for not confiding in her. "I was scared and confused," she paused raising her hand seeing that the brunette was going to retort. "just like you are with your feelings about Brittany." The Latina's mouth snapped shut. "I also know how you feel about Rachel and I really didn't want you to try and talk me out of trying to go for it with her."

"Hmph, I suppose you have a point there. That freak," Quinn winced at the word. "Sorry. Berry," the blonde smiled and nodded once. "does get on my nerves, but I guess if she makes you happy I suppose I can't really deny you that chance." Brittany happily sighed into the girl next to her while placing a kiss on her cheek making a smile instantly appear on Santana's face.

"So uhm, baby mamma?" Puck quietly asked from his corner in the room. Quinn looked over at him with a wistful look on her face, this conversation going so much better than she had expected. She nodded her response indicating he should continue. "Anything the Puckster can do to help? And I do mean, ANYTHING" he ended wiggling his eyebrow.

Quinn rolled her eyes, choosing to ignore his insinuation. "Actually, Puck, there is something you can do." She looked back over at the two girls on her bed. "Actually there is something all of you can do for me."

"Do tell" Santana replied trying to sound bored, but everyone could tell she was actually eager to be involved once again in her friend's life. Whether she would ever admit it or not, she was jealous that it was Kurt that Quinn had turned to. Though she understood why, she still wanted to be there for the friend she had known since elementary school.

"First and foremost I need you to be nice to Rachel." Brittany immediately nodded along with Puck, while Santana sighed in resignation. "No more insults," Quinn paused to pointedly look at the brunette who scoffed "and if you see a slushie coming her way I beg that you stop the attack before it happens."

"That all?" Santana grumbled.

"No, actually that's not all" Quinn smiled mischievously at the brunette, then kindly at Brittany and Puck. "Now that I've told you I hope you'll keep this between the four of us and Kurt." They all nodded their agreements. "And I might need to ask for a favor to distract Finn so I can have a decent conversation with Rachel at school." The other blonde quickly raised her hand. "Yes Brittany?"

"I know Santana won't have any problem with that part and I promise to make sure she's nice to your new girlfriend" the blonde bubbled with excitement while grabbing Santana's thigh which instantly defused any argument she wanted to make.

"She's not my girlfriend. Not yet anyway. That is if I can get her to see that I'm worth taking a risk on. And I can prove I'm a better choice than Finn" Quinn babbled on to no one in particular. Meanwhile three sets of eyes regarded her curiously as a smile crept onto her lips and a far away gaze came to her eyes. Finally snapping out of it, she coughed lightly in a vain attempt to distract from the fact that she had been caught daydreaming. "Anyway, yeah, I uhm might need all your help at some point."

Santana stared at her friend a bit dumbfounded as she had never seen her like this in all the years they had known each other. "Yeah, uh huh. So as much fun as it is to watch you fawn all over just the thought of that midget, Britts and I need to get going."

"We do?" she asked surprised. The brunette slowly turned to her 'friend' with a look that spoke of a secret language only they knew. Or at least they thought only they knew. "Oh right, we do!" she said enthusiastically as she looked over at Quinn. "And it has nothing to do with anything you want to do to Rachel" Brittany finished while Santana rubbed her temples. God how she loved this girl, but she needed to have another discussion with her about not giving away secrets by trying to cover them up with the secret itself.

Quinn smiled lovingly at her best friends as she hoped with everything in her that one day Rachel would look at her the same way Santana looked at Brittany when she thought no one was watching. She followed their movements as they started to head towards the door. "Hey ladies?" They both turned in unison. "Thanks for being cool, you know, about this. And me. With, you know, Rachel" she said suddenly shy.

Brittany smiled with utter kindness and understanding while Santana gave Quinn perhaps the most genuine smile she ever had. "No problem, Q. We got your back. Always." With that, they left pinkies once again linked.

Quinn smiled at their retreating forms, but that smile soon turned into a slight frown as she regarded Puck who was still seated in his spot in the corner, his grin looking a bit on the lecherous side. Finally he raised his hand.

Quinn sighed knowing what was to come. "Yes Puck?"

Sitting forward in his chair he grinned wider. "I still have some questions."

"No you don't, get out" she stated bluntly without missing a beat. Just as he was about to say something, she put up her hand to cut him off. "No. You. Don't. Get. Out."

Puck sat back in his chair chuckling lightly. "Now is that any way to talk to someone you just said you wanted a favor from?"

"Well if you can tell me with a completely straight, non-perverted smirk on your face that you aren't going to ask me for details regarding my feelings for Rachel, then sure - ask away." Quinn narrowed her eyes and stared deeply into his, just daring him to try it.

Realizing defeat, he threw his arms up in the air in surrender. "Fine, fine. You got me. I'll leave. This time."

"Thank you" she retorted breezily as she turned back to her laptop.

"So I'll let you know when supper's ready?"

"Yup. Thanks" she waved over her shoulder indicating she was done talking despite his obvious attempts at continuing the conversation.

"I'll just shut the door behind me."

"Thank you" came the reply as the sound of keys clicking began to fill the room.

"You know, just in case you want to look at certain websites again." He couldn't help himself, and this time he was ready for the shoe that came flying in his direction.
After an hour of pouring over her textbooks, an almost silent buzzing came from somewhere on her bed that was soon followed by a second. Then a third. By the time the fourth one came in, Quinn's curiosity was sufficiently peaked. Probably just Santana and Brittany texting her after their liaisons. She located her phone and clicked on the text messages.

Kurt: Quinn! Don't hate me! I gave Rachel your number and even though it was just a minute ago I'm guessing she's texting you as I write this. (sent at 5:05)

Quinn sighed. She didn't hate Kurt, but she was still nervous about having an actual conversation with Rachel. After reading his brief text, she opened the rest. All from Rachel.

Rachel: Hello Quinn? This is Rachel. Rachel Berry. Kurt gave me your number. (sent at 5:06)

Rachel: I hope you don't mind me texting you. (sent at 5:06)

Rachel: If you do, I can stop immediately. Just let me know. I hope your evening is going well. This is Rachel. Berry. (sent at 5:07)

The blonde couldn't help the huge giddy smile that immediately surfaced upon reading the diva's words. Quinn could hear her voice in the texts and a part of her ached to actually hear Rachel's stunning voice, but a larger part was incredibly nervous. Realizing it had been ten minutes since Rachel's last text, Quinn decided she should write the girl back before she panics that she hadn't gotten a response yet. Then again, this was Rachel Berry she was considering - the girl was probably already pacing her room worrying her bottom lip away. Now she had to think of something to text the girl. Just saying hi and that she didn't mind if Rachel texted her didn't seem like enough, yet being overly enthusiastic might scare her into thinking that Quinn might be up to something. She needed to be friendly, but not over the top. Simple, but not aloof.

Quinn: Hi Rachel. I don't mind if you text me. I was actually thinking of asking Kurt for your number.

Quinn looked at her phone, her finger hovering over the send button. It sounded too casual. Saying that she was only 'thinking' of asking for her number made it sound like she wasn't all that interested. If she was going to compete with Finn for the girl's attention she was going to have to do better than that.

Quinn: Hi Rachel. I don't mind you texting me at all. I've actually been wanting to ask for your number for awhile, but I was nervous you may not want me to text you.

Before she could think too hard about it, she sent the text. It was positive yet left the door open for Rachel to text her back. Maybe the other girl just wanted to ask Quinn something about glee, or school. Maybe she didn't want to just talk to her. Not surprisingly she didn't have to wait long for the other girl's response.

Rachel: Really? I mean, you wanted my number? I would've been happy to give it to you! I suggested to Mr. Schue that we as a group exchange numbers in glee.

Before Quinn could finish the first message a second came in.

Rachel: You know, in case of emergencies.

Quinn's heart dropped. Of course Rachel would want her number because of glee. For a short moment she considered saying 'screw it', all this heartache wasn't worth it. Rachel would never feel the same way about her. Seconds later she was thinking 'screw it'; if she was ever going to be happy she had to just go for it. Just as she was going to respond, yet another text came in.

Rachel: And of course I wanted your number for more than just because of glee. I've always hoped you and I could perhaps be friends.

Friends. What a shit word, thought Quinn. Of course she wanted to be friends with Rachel, but she wanted to be so much more. However, if she was ever going to be more to Rachel she needed to show the girl that she could be a good friend. Someone the brunette could trust, depend on, and confide in. At the same time, she knew Finn was coming up fast in the boyfriend lane and that meant that Quinn needed to show Rachel she was worthy. That's where Kurt's mash-up would come into play. Tonight would be about getting to know the girl and then causally inviting her to the auditorium on Friday - she needed to allow Finn to make a fool of himself trying to serenade Rachel in glee, not to mention she needed time to prepare her own song.

Quinn: I'd like that too. I'm really sorry I've been so horrible to you. There's no excuse for it, but I hope you'll let me show you how sorry I am and that you'll let me make it up to you.

There, she put it out there.

Quinn: And I promise that I will say it to you face to face, not just in texting.

She wanted to make sure the brunette knew this wasn't going to be just a covert thing that happened when they were in separate places, that she was willing to make amends in the flesh. After all, what good would an apology be if it was just in words and not in actions?

Rachel: Thank you, Quinn. That means a lot. I'll tell you what; from this point on we start anew. A fresh start.

Quinn's lips turned up into a contented smile.

Quinn: That sounds perfect. Hi. I'm Quinn Fabray, but my good friends call me Quinnif. ;-)

She giggled to herself thinking of the memory of the two of them sitting on the bleachers after Rachel came looking for her.

Rachel: Quinnif! What a unique and beautiful name! Someone very clever must have come up with that. :-P

The blonde giggled again just imagining Rachel's enthusiastic voice. Before she could return the text, another came in.

Rachel: And excuse me for my poor manners, my fathers raised me better. My name is Rachel - Rachel Barbra Berry, and it is a true pleasure to meet you. ^_^

Quinn's grin spread like wildfire across her face, her eyes twinkling in the simple playfulness of their conversation.

Quinn: The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Berry. Truly all mine. ;-)

Yes, she could do this. She could do playful flirty banter with Rachel. This is a good step. Kurt would be praising her, she was sure.

Quinn: Kurt Hummel! How could you?

She snickered mischievously. She was sure the boy was probably scared of the wrath she may pour on him if things didn't go well. While waiting for his response, another from Rachel came in.

Rachel: You're a charmer, Ms. Fabray, of that I am sure. ;-)

Quinn wanted to dance around her room. Was Rachel really flirting back? A text wink back and everything! Could she be so lucky so quickly? Just as she was going to type a response, Kurt's panicked text arrived.

Kurt: I'm sorry, but she threatened to sing my favorite Patti LuPone song off-key for a month if I didn't give her your number!

The blonde rolled her eyes. The boy cracks too easily. She decided to let him sweat it out a little while she returned her attention to her, dare she hope, soon to be girlfriend...?

Quinn: As are you - of that I am absolutely positive! Your voice alone is hypnotizing.
She thought for a second, then quickly typed out another text.

Quinn: I'm sorry I haven't told you in the past, but in all honesty Rachel - your voice is utterly amazing and it completely captivates me every time you sing.

Quinn figured she probably stunned the girl into silence for a moment so she turned her attention back to the one who essentially started this whole conversation.

Quinn: Well because of you Kurt I am currently having a conversation via text with Rachel that is truly, and utterly...

She thought she'd make him wait a little more when she saw a new text from Rachel had arrived.

Rachel: *blush* Thank you, Quinn. That really means a lot to me. I think you'd be shocked to know that you have rendered me speechless. *shy smile*

Quinn's smile threatened to break her delicate features.

Quinn: I mean every word. And I know I told you after, but I really loved your mash- up today. It was perfect.

Just like you, she wanted to add but thought it might be too much too soon. Ok, back to the boy.

Quinn: Where was I? Oh right - truly, utterly, magically wonderful and may I say FLIRTY conversation with Rachel right now ! ! !

Yep, she was proud of herself. Question was, would she be able to keep this up in person? Before she could doubt whether she could, a text buzzed.

Rachel: *double blush* Again, thank you Quinn. Your words mean so much to me. Now, before my skin permanently stays this bright red hue...how is your evening?

Yes, yes she could absolutely keep this up in person. She had to because this banter was quickly becoming incredibly addicting.

Kurt: REALLY? That is so fantabulous! I'm so excited and thrilled for you! I knew you could do it! I expect to hear EVERYTHING tomorrow!

Quinn could just imagine the boy clicking his heels together in celebration for her. He had become such a good friend to her, and she knew just how lucky she was to have him to confide in.

Quinn: My evening has been occupied with homework, but I've recently found this enchanting distraction that has made my evening so much better. And yours?

Oh yeah, she was on fire. Too bad she was going to have to cut this shorter than she wanted to after hearing the call for dinner from Puck down the hall. Though she'd like nothing more than to eat in her room, Mrs. Puckerman insisted that everyone eat together even if it was on folding TV tables set up by the living room couch. And no cell phones were allowed after she had caught Puck sexting Santana one evening when she was trying to having a conversation with her son.

Rachel: If you keep flattering me like this, Ms. Fabray, I warn you that my ego may grow even larger than some already claim it is. My evening has also been enchanted. :-)

Oh god how Quinn wished she could eat dinner in her room. She really didn't want to end this. It was going so well.

Rachel: I hate so much that I have to say this, but I'm afraid my fathers are calling me for dinner. Perhaps we could continue this later?

Quinn's heart soared. She had considered suggesting they talk after she was done eating, but figured Rachel would probably be busy.

Quinn: I was just going to say that I was called to dinner also. I would love to continue this later. Say in an hour?

Her heart thumped in her chest. She felt like she was making a date with the other girl.

"Quinn, seriously, my mom is waiting!" she heard outside her door. "Now get off that short skirt site and come eat." He paused a second. "Food. I mean eat food." She could hear the smirk in his voice and threw her other shoe at the door.

"I'm coming!" she yelled back then blushed furiously at what she had said right after what he had implied. Outside she could hear him snickering on his way back to the living room.

Rachel: An hour is perfect. I will 'see' you then!

Quinn smiled to herself as she placed her phone on her desk and proceeded to head to dinner.


2nd A/N: Here is a quick sample of the new Faberry fic I'm working on. (I promise I will continue this one) It's called Psychically Speaking.

This scene is going to take place after Rachel realizes its Quinn and she is trying to woo/turn her on. At this point Santana and Brittany also know about Rachel's quest. I've had this in scene in mind for a very long time (at least a year), I just needed the right storyline to go with it.
Without any warning, Quinn felt a presence beside her and suddenly a usually hyper voice was attempting sultry as she whispered, "I'm so damp for you."

"Oh my god, Rachel!" Quinn hissed looking around the table to determine if anyone else heard her.

"Am I getting you damp with my dirty talk, Quinn?" Rachel continued to breathily whisper into the blonde's ear. "Do you want to know how damp you make me?"

"Wet, Rachel! The term is wet, and no, I don't - just please shut up!" Quinn hissed out again absolutely mortified at Rachel's clumsy attempt at trying to arouse her.

Blushing from her mistake, Rachel mumbled an almost silent 'eep' while quickly pulling out a small pad of paper and pen and began to frantically write something down. "Please tell me you're not taking notes on this" Quinn harshly whispered so as not to attract any attention from the surrounding tables.

Rachel paused in her writing, glanced at the blonde, wrote a couple more things, and then slowly slipped into the spot next to Quinn. "Though my mistake may suggest otherwise, and it certainly demonstrates how I still have some things to learn, I like to be well prepared for things, Quinn, and wooing you is no exception."

Quinn immediately rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Rachel, stop - you have no hopes of 'wooing' me whether you're prepared or not. So PLEASE. Just. Stop."

Big brown eyes gazed at the blonde as though she was lost in thought and hadn't heard a thing she had just said. "Nice try, Quinn - your words say one thing, but your eyes say something completely different."

"Oh my god you're insufferable" Quinn mumbled to herself.

In a sing-song voice, Rachel happily replied, "Your words say one thing, but your eyes..."

"Well then stop 'listening' to my eyes because they're lying!" she growled out between clenched teeth as she lowered her head so her forehead was resting on the table. While softly banging her head on the table, a tall blonde sat down across from her while a smirking Latina followed suit.

"Why is Quinn hitting her head on the table?" Brittany asked in a non-commital voice as she stuck the straw in her juice box.

Still with a satisfied smirk on her face, Santana quipped "The Orthodyke sitting next her is no doubt rambling on about something ridiculous."

"Hello, Santana." The Latina nodded. "My conversations are never ridiculous, I'll have you know, especially when I'm speaking with the absolutely lovely and captivating Miss Fabray." The blonde groaned next to her. "I must admit, Santana, your clever nickname for me just now is certainly one of your best - playing on my Jewish heritage and newly found girl-loving nature. Good one." The Latina nodded satisfactorily while Quinn groaned next to Rachel. "Are you feeling ill, Quinn? Can I get you anything?"

Slowly looking up from her position she scowled at the brunette. "Yeah, you can get lost."
End scene...for now...
Thank you again everyone! (Reviews? Pretty please?)


Yay your back!! & I'm loving the text flirting!!!! ;D Santana's no nonsense attitude ftw!
Looking forward to more, as always!!!!
As for the snippet of the new fic, it looks hilarious & I look forward to reading more ;o)
Thanks for sharing!!!
I'm so glad you liked both! :-D